Wouldn’t it be wonderful if anybody could go through high school with absolutely no drama at all? All girls would love that, the ones that don’t bring drama to the world anyway. Every girl at one point in their life will be involved in drama either between friends, siblings, or even the people that they aren’t friends with. They just try to get people on their side because they don’t have many friends.

Drama in high school is always there. There is always drama going on even if it doesn’t pertain to you as a person. Something’s that describe it are what is drama, role models of drama, why most people don’t enjoy it, and how it could be resolved. What really is drama? Urban dictionary states that school drama is between people in high school, which people seem to create around themselves just to have some action in their lives. Drama can be created between friends just so that they can always get the attention that maybe they don’t get from other people. Drama can break friends and relationships apart.

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I really think drama is a waste of time. I think that drama is stupid and schools only have drama because people want to look “cool”. People that are involved in drama could do better things like sports or a job or even just spend time with their families and friends. Some drama can even be caused by role models. A lot of kids can look up to role models. In some situations role models can be good but in most situations if you look up to a celebrity, he or she is probably not a good role model.

Kids look up to celebrity’s all the time and some children can strive to be just like them. Most of the time celebrity role models get caught up in a lot of drama. Kids want to be just like them, not knowing about how much drama is in their lives. Role models don’t just have to be celebrity’s they can also be older siblings, parents, or just older friends. Some of those role models can be good role models but some van have a negative effect as well. Susan Carney states that trashy celebrity behavior makes girls lack the skills to resolve some conflicts.

Going from role models leads into why drama is not enjoyed. High School drama is never enjoyed at all. When just two friends fight the whole grade has to get involved. Most of the people that are in high school don’t enjoy all of the people that create the drama. Some times drama can lead into people getting picked on and those people sometimes never want to show up to school anymore. Drama should never get that bad that is why we don’t need it in high school and it’s not enjoyed.

Once in a while if you create the drama no one wants to be friends with you. They don’t want them to gossip and tell lies that will lead into drama. In a way drama is not enjoyed in high school but there are always ways to resolve the drama. Resolving drama would be so wonderful in high school. Drama usually never does get resolved I just wish it would.

If people could go talk to the person that the drama was about before just going around and telling everyone life would be so much better. If people wouldn’t go around telling lies or stories about other people. There would be no reason for drama therefore it wouldn’t have to be resolved. Friends could stay friends if there was no drama going around between them. Life would be better if we could resolve drama before it starts.

Drama is not good I wish there was no such thing. In real life there is no such thing as drama not being in high school. I wish their were but there always will be drama. Some main things about drama are what is drama, role models of drama, why drama is never enjoyed, and how to resolve drama. Drama is all over the world not only in high school.

In my high school I wish that it would be resolved but know it never will be. As myself I know that I should stay out of drama. I know never to start drama and not ever get into it. Sometimes I wish drama would disappear and friends wouldn’t be lost because of it. Drama is not something that is needed in schools all around the world and especially not in mine