Dress Codes

I have to say, I think that teachers should be more strict about the dress code. In my school, we’ve got girls wearing short short and crop tops every day.

Shirts that you can see their neon bras through. Shorts so high they barely cover buttcheeks. In fact, we have this poster that lists everything we’re “not supposed to wear.” And you know what? I’ve seen every single item on that list in my school hallways. The teachers don’t do anything. Nothing at all, when they’ve got all of these skimpily-dressed girls walking around! It’s not just the girls, either.

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Guys wear shirts with obscene and offensive slogans or images. Their pants hang down to their knees. You can see their brightly colored boxes underneath, for crying out loud! It’s infuriating! Honestly, I think my school would be better off in uniforms, though wearing the same thing everyday could suck. But it would be for the better. It SHOULD work for the better.