So it’s like this. I’ve thought about how everyone is trying so hard to achieve their goals in education but not all of them do it the right way. We mostly try to take the hard path instead of the easiest but there are ways to make studying very easy. For example:A student wants to study for the exam and there’s this cool movie on TV on the night before the exam.

What do you do? Study,of course but can’t you watch the movie? I mean you did study the past few days didn’t you? Studying in the last minute builds up stress and tension,which results in fear which means you forget answers in the exam. So watch the movie and afterwards just go through your notes roughly and go to sleep. Don’t take any books to school to study because this will only make you more nervous and you may forget answers. My advice is that you should study before the test is even mentioned and then you’ll be quite thorough with everything and studying at the last moment isn’t really needed. So when that cool movie is on TV, you can relax and watch it while some of your friends are still up at late night studying! GOOD LUCK IN EVERYONE’S EXAMS! HOPE THIS HELPS!

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