Election Case Study

A failure even from the very Beginning The Philippines our country, the home of the Flossing and the so called ‘Ploy me and you are all this so called ‘Pinot. Well every Flossing have their own rights and their own freewill to vote for their desired leader. And every candidate have their own reasons and their own platforms.

We don’t know what are these reasons, but we know their platforms and this is the bad side of not knowing our own candidates in and out.

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We all know their platforms and their so called “plans for our community/ entry’ but we don’t know what are the reason why they are running for the position in governing our country. For some they say that some political candidates are Just in for the money and power but some candidates refuse to accept or Just to say what is the truth behind their candidacy.

The Philippines has history of poor and really bad reputation when the word “Election” comes In every 6 years. We had a wide history of corruption scandal ,lunette when the Election comes we don’t know how to solve this rotting and unjust system for almost 60+ years and now with all the advance and pesticides technology the stench of the rottenness Is still crippling the wish of millions and millions of Filipinos who Just want an honest and truthful Elections.

But no we still cannot get this wish why? Because of those who are in the power right now with their money and wealth in disposal, While we cannot do anything but to vote for nothing why.

Why nothing? If they win are we sure that they will do the platforms that they promised among millions of Filipinos who is starving and dying and working their asses off just to eat one time in a day.

I am not blaming the government but the evidence is there its in our face already why are those in power only have the capability of becoming wealthy meanwhile the one who bought them in their positions right now Is the one who is suffering from hunger and dying poor without anything In their hands or any money or any possessions. This Is Just sad and truly alarming. I don’t know what will happen In the next 10 or 20 years maybe It will become better or It will go worse I don’t know, but still I love my country and I still pope that the COMELY will change their way of handling the elections.

As I see they are embarrassing their selves in front of millions of Filipinos who is hoping for a truthful and honest election.

But still I hope COMELY do the right thing in the future and I heavily hope that the candidates do their platforms not like the previous administration that does nothing but to collect billions and billions of pesos while the country is suffering for her greediness yes am talking to Gloria MacDougal Arroyo.

Years of corruptions and scandal and she is an Representative in one of the roving’s here in the Philippines I don’t know what is wrong with our country a proven criminal and admitted that she cheated in one of the presidential elections and still she can run for the House of Representatives I Just don’t know what to say anymore a former President too Joseph Corrector Stared a former convict and had served a year In Call still run for the Mayor of Manila and still won. But still I am a mere no one I don’t have anything to prove but just an ordinary citizen hoping for a netter country Ana a netter Leader Tort our country.