Education is The Resource Society Needs

Fast Food.

Burger place. Minimum wage. Illegally below minimum wage. Regrets. No money, no job, no degree. What could this be with a college degree? It would mean qualification for higher jobs.

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A higher job would benefit you. A more educated society is better for the economy. However, there are bars. Bars in getting the grade. Bars in paying for the school.

Bars in gaining support for the grade. Bars in getting to the school. The unfortunate truth is, the actual process of getting a degree is far too difficult for most, and they’re faced with a tough decision, to attempt to bend the bars, and maybe fail, or not bend the bars and maybe fail. Community Colleges are resources that are quick and also, they’ve bent the expense bar. This seems great right? An easy way to get your degree? It is great. But the number of community colleges is small.

A super effective tool, but you can’t get to it? This is why, if we want a more educated society, we may as well have more community colleges. In 2010, the number of graduates was less than the 39% that actually went to college. The numbers have since shrunk. Not having a college degree can mean working in fast food for below minimum wage, or any other way you can find work. Also, so many people regret not getting a degree, that they go into denial, and emotionally put up bars for themselves to learn. But, let’s face it.

Board Colleges are expensive. Community colleges aren’t in a lot of communities. If you don’t get a degree after high school, it can be very challenging to get a degree ever. By having more community colleges, more people have an opportunity, to put the past behind them. The claim that private colleges make to discourage people from going to community colleges is “under-qualified teachers.” Private colleges have stated that the teachers at community colleges are “failed professors.

” This claim is offensive, and fairly ridiculous. The teachers at community colleges are often as qualified as professors at big name schools. Some of the professors are qualified in more than one thing as well, giving the teachers a chance to see the students more often, letting them become more individual with their students. It’s been proven that in schools where one teacher really get’s to know a student, that student will succeed. You certainly won’t find that at a large school. Believe it or not, many people drop out of large schools, the large facilities, classes, and no sense of individualism with the teachers can drive many students away.

Also, with depression, the growing problem that it is, can force people to leave the school. Take Emma Watson, international superstar and famed by all, she went to Brown and since dropped out to be somewhere else because she was teased, lost and depressed. Going to big schools can induce feelings of depression, anxiety, and no comfort. In most schools, students report feeling “lost” or “stuck.” At community colleges, the school is in a “community,” students are with a community of people who walk the walk and talk the talk.

The small classes create a sense of individual learning within the community, but, where is the community college in your community? “But nobody important went to community colleges, They all went to big name schools.” This is a common misconception. If important people went to big name schools, many of them dropped out. Heard of Costco? James Sinegal, Co-founder of Costco and wildly successful, went to a community college, and he learned about finances, and starting a business. Without signing up, in community colleges, the teach skills, useful to a life.

They teach regular college courses as well, but along with that, they explain balancing a checkbook, and skills important to life. These courses are non-elective. Colleges offer these courses, but they’re elective courses, and not everyone takes them. Community Colleges can set you up for life better than a private college can. Community Colleges are better for the modern schedule. Chances are, you’re going to have a job, but going to school, and managing a job at the same time can be challenging, especially if the school is far away.

Community colleges can build around your schedule, and help you take advantage of the little time you may have. Also, community colleges are considered the “cheapest way to get a degree.” These cost-savvy resources can get you a degree, while you work. Modern adults have at least two jobs, on average. Most likely, you won’t want to juggle school on top of all that. By adding more community colleges, people can get a college education, and work as well.

Everyone hopes to earn their degree. However, not everyone gets it. Not having a degree leaves you under-qualified for a job. When you’re under-qualified, you get fired, and possibly not even considered for the job. Many people begin to regret not getting a degree, but they can’t go back to get the degree. Colleges are not easily accessible, they cost too much.

So, you’re stuck. If there were more community colleges, more people would have the access to a degree. The more degrees, the better the job market, the better the economy. Let’s fight for more community colleges, they may save us all.