Gunnery Sergeant Lemke – Educator of the Year

I have had many excellent teachers in my past couple years of school.

I’ve learned a lot from all of them but the teacher that I think helped me the most was one that had the most impact on me. This great teacher is Gunnery Sergeant Lemke, but everyone just calls him “Gunny”. He pushes me to do my best and teaches me a lot about myself. He is hard on his cadets because he wants to pull out our potential. He is a tough guy who is also very funny.

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I remember my first day at DMA. I remember going into his class and being terrified because he was so intimidating. He seemed to be even more intimidating because of his Marines uniform, that he wears everyday. He talked loud and scared us all. I remember trying to avoid him because I thought he was going to make me do push ups every time I passed him.As this year went on I got to know Gunny better.

He is not scary at all and is actually very funny. His look is still intimidating but I no longer try to avoid him. I have never heard some one make so many jokes as he does. He has these short, witty sayings that you can’t help but laugh at. His jokes pick you up when you have a bad day.

I didn’t think, during my first week here, that he was going to be so funny. I thought that he was going to be serious all the time, but he isn’tHis classes are a lot of fun. He teaches you about leadership and being a good role model and much more. He believes what he teaches which makes things so much easier to grasp. We learn about being a good person and what it takes to be a well-rounded person.

I definitely think that he makes classes more interesting and exciting.I think that Gunny is a great person and that he loves his job. I can tell that he loves it by the way he teaches and how he deals with situations. Gunny is a great teacher. He is passionate about what he does and does everything to his full potential. He is always teaching us about important things in life and he wants us do well in everything we do.