Ms. Brady – Educator of the year

A distinguished teacher is one who can not only make you a better learner, but a better person as well. I can comfortably say that my former English teacher, Ms. Brady, was that teacher. Ms. Brady’s constant urge to help others was greater than her love for coffee. She went out of her way to connect with every student, no matter how quiet or shy they may have been.

I can truthfully say that Ms. Brady is the only teacher that has ever made class time enjoyable for me. Additionally, I was able to grow as a student. Ms.Brady never handed out “easy A’s,” an A was a grade that required your full effort.

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She gave us hands on tasks and had class discussions to keep learning time interesting.Firstly, Ms. Brady loved to help others and put a smile on faces. She was a leader of the “Best Buddies” program at H.B. Dupont Middle School.

This is a program where students with disabilities are paired with other students at the school. Every time a Meadowwood student would pass her door, she would stop whatever she was doing and say hi. Anyone around could see how happy seeing Ms. Brady made them. Ms.

Brady always treated everyone with the same respect, despite their differences. She influenced her students everyday to be better people just by watching her actions.In the field of English, Ms. Brady taught me so much. My confidence in writing has grown tremendously because of her.

She graded writing with high expectations, and this only made me work harder. She gave full lessons on how to improve in writing and keep a reader entertained. Because of Ms. Brady, my usually C grade on an essay was quickly brought up to an A. Furthermore, she would not just skim through an essay and give an approximate grade. She would take her time and read through every student’s paper, leaving constructive comments and fixing every mistake.

She would always make herself available for help during her lunch period for students who were struggling. Letting a student fail was not an option for Ms. Brady; she believed in everyone.Lastly, Ms. Brady taught me something that has always stuck with me.

She said that “in life you will not be everyone’s cup of tea, so wave to those people politely and carry on with your life.” This quote can define Ms.Brady because she did not care what others thought of her; she always chose to show respect anyways. I came out of 8th grade year a better person because of the lessons I learned from my teacher. It was always nice being able to come into class and have someone to talk to about life. Not many teachers can play the role of a counselor and educator at the same time.

But, Ms. Brady definitely could.In conclusion, Ms. Brady has made a strong impact on my education and on myself. I am able to remember my last middle school year as a good one, thanks to her.

She put everybody in a better mood, and I will always miss having a teacher like Ms. Brady. She has shaped me into a better person and prepared me for the obstacles I am facing in high school. She has also helped improve my work ethic and writing skills. For all of these reasons, I can proudly say that Ms. Brady deserves to be Educator of the Year.