Failure to success

Does success consitst of just success or trial and error? It takes a lot of effort to get that one thing right. Trial and error helps you what mistakes you shouldn’t do to succeed in life. Failure is nothing to be ashamed of it just forms into an idea in disguise. Being successful means trying no matter what.

First of all, therewas this president named Abe Lincoln who succeed through failure. He wanted to be elected president thus earning him his title. Once, he was president he wanted to abolish slavery. He finally got slavery abolish after the Appotmax war and dealing with angry southerns. Next, there are some lucky people that succeed without much trouble. The rich people are born with wealthy families.

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Their childeren could buy anything they wanted. Meanwhile, middle class have to work hard to get what they want while upper class don’t lift a finger. They can succeed with only a fair amount of effort. Finally, inventions can be created by accidents then turn into a creation. There was a man that created potato chips by accidently messing up the potato on purpose.

He served it to a customer and the customer loved it. An unknown cook was messing around in the kitchen in China later he created fireworks. It was unknown why he did that,but he created something useful. In conclusion, success could be trial and error or hard work. It’s about trying again and never giving up.

They learn from their mistakes and apply to the world. You can’t expect to be the greatest at everything because some people could outsmart you. It makes anyone wonder if success is worth fighting for yeah it’s worth it.