Feasibility Study

This new cocktail bar and restaurant serves lovely food and cocktails in a warm atmosphere.

This is a place that attracts the usual wealthy and well-groomed suspects: dozens of leggy Latin ladies with dark and handsome designer suited men in pursuit.The beautiful set are drawn as much to the exclusive ambience and the swanky, clean-lined interiors, as they are too the perfectly-mixed drinks. Dynamite is relaxed yet stylish, all bare brickwork, flattering lighting and a dapper collection of bartenders clad in suspenders and skinny ties. The drinks are named things like the “Little Miss Trouble”, the “Fallen Lady” (which comes dusted with chocolate and black pepper), Atomic Bomb Splash that has a natural spice embedded on it, and the Dynamite which has the best taste.Putting that aside, the cocktails are fresh and fruity in the main, quite girly, with a few more complex, grown-up tipples available too, though this side of the menu could do with bolstering.

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Food-wise, we’re talking steak tartars and a superbly prepared flank steak, decent unfussy food, cooked well. Service is friendly if not yet super slick (though this may come) and the atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. Expect a menu that includes succulent noodles and spicy beef dishes as well as potent cocktails muddled with fresh fruit from the east.After dining retire to the lounge and visit the disco club and experience the party with dancing and drinking in the night. Service is friendly if not yet super slick (though this may come) and the atmosphere is laid-back and welcoming. It is open 24 hours offering you different menus in every meal time of the day.

Project Long Range Objectives: 7 years and more The group expects at the business will operate for more than seven years and the bar and restaurant continuously goes above other competitors. Project Time table status: Actions| Days| Date|Finalization of project plans| 7 days| September 8-15, 2017| Legal Papers and business registration| 7 days| September 20-27, 2017| Leased Contracts| 3 days| September 27-30, 2017| Construction and Renovation| 2 months| October 1-December 1, 2017| Hiring of employees| 14 days| December 1-15, 2017| Grand opening| 1 day| December 16, 2017| Nature of the Industry Bar and Restaurant; Entertainment Mode of Financing: Investment by members; Loan on Bank Investment Cost (for 1 year): Rent Lease| | P 600,000| Salaries and Wages| | | Store Manager| 200,000| |Band| 700,000| | Guard (2)| 324,000| | Kitchen Steward (3)| 486,000| | Waiter (4)| 648,000| | Cashier (2)| 324,000| P 2,682,000| Furniture and Fixtures| | 500,000| Equipment| | 1,000,000| Food/Ingredient| | 3,600,000| Construction Materials| | 600,000| For Utilities (e. g. electricity and water bills)| | 180,000| Total:| | P 9,162,000| | | | CHAPTER 2- MARKET STUDY GENERAL MARKET DESCRIPTION: Bars, disco clubs, restaurants are believed to occupy as one of the most places where people went in night.There are a lot of ways to satisfy the needs of man, the group thinks that happenings, enjoyment and even food are the most essential ones; therefore we decided to put up for the public. We know that putting up this bar, disco club and restaurant is not an easy job to be done but serving and satisfying the drives and needs of men is the specialty of the proponent’s course, so we come up with this ideas, the first thing we could decide is to know the “Marketing Strategies of Selected Bars, Disco Clubs and Restaurant in Makati”.

WHO IS THE TARGET MARKET?The Fort is a class place where classy men and women are going. Business men associates are expected to visit in our restaurant. SIZE OF THE TARGET MARKET: We should meet more than 500 customers per night. How old are they? 18 years old and above (it can suit for teens and oldies) What gender are they? Everyone is free to go in our bar whenever they want. Where do they live? Along Metro manila PAST 5-YEAR DEMAND: The demand for the past 5 years for Bar and Restaurants seems to be a very high one.

There are many people nowadays who search for different bars to chill in and to stay in.They spend their time especially at nights in bars drinking and dancing. It is expected that it will be a big boom to the society. PROJECTED 5-YEAR DEMAND: After 5 years, bar and restaurants are still in demand. People are getting cooler and fun loving as time goes by. It is to be expected that the people will still love to go out and chill.

STUDY OF THE COMPETITORS: The Bar, Disco Club and Restaurant industry is highly competitive with respect to price, value and promotions, service, location, and food quality. There are a substantial number of Bar, Disco Club and Restaurant operations that compete with us for customer raffic, some of which have significantly greater resources to aggressively market to consumers, which could result in our concepts losing market share. Consumers are highly focused on value and if other restaurants are able to promote and deliver a higher degree of value, our guest traffic levels may suffer, impacting revenues. In addition, with improving product offerings at quick-service restaurants and grocery stores, coupled with the present state of the economy, consumers may choose to trade down to these alternatives, which could also negatively affect revenues. DEMAND SUPPLY ANALYSIS: .

Demand Analysis PROPOSED MARKETING PROGRAM Dynamite Bar and Restaurant will be accessed and found through a website which everyone can view and use for reservation and sight of the menus and promos we are giving. It can be found in the Fort Strip of The Fort Taguig. There are waiters waiting and welcoming guests outside the Bar. We have big advantage compared with the other competitors for we offer times two services. We give both Restaurant and a disco bar.

We can attract customers with our best specialty in town. The cocktails and the food that will explode in your mouth.We will implement the promo in regards with time. From 6:00 pm- 9:00 pm, drinks are buy one take one. We are going to make use of the internet through promoting on websites. We are also going to be a sponsor in different occasions such as TV guesting.

CHAPTER 3- TECHNICAL STUDY THE PRODUCT/S OR SERVICE/S Dynamite bar offers menus that are totally new from the taste of not only Filipinos but also foreigners. Determine the suitability of the production site including site environmental impact analysis (provided by architect, engineer or person with the necessary expertise to make the determination). Does the site have the desired characteristics and available utilities and transportation facilities, etc.? * What are the technology needs for the proposed business? * What are the equipment/resource requirements? * When and where can the technology/equipment be obtained? * What does the technology or equipment cost? * What are the production costs (to be included in the finance section). * Will the technology achieve the intended production levels? * What will the production process be? * What are the product storage requirements etc.

? * Is there availability of local labour? Are there any legal or environmental factors or other developments which may impact on the business? CHAPTER 4- MANAGEMENT STUDY BASIC CONSIDERATIONS IN FORMING THE ORGANIZATION Legal Requirements Municipality of Taguig * Business Permit * Barangay Business Clearance * Lease Contract * Locational Clearance * Picture of Establishment * Fire Clearance * Sanitary Permit BIR * 2316 Form * 1702 Form * 1903 Form * 1907 Form SSS * R-5R-1R-1A DTI * Application for Partnership * Business Name Registration Form SEC * Articles of Partnership * Registration Data Sheet FDA * Petition to open a food establishment RA 3720 * Checklist for food establishment Capitalization Partners | Type of Partner | Capital| Sources of Capital| Kris Jason Abendano| Industrialist-Capitalist | P 2,500,000| Cash Payments from Rentals and Personal Savings| Marjorie Dionisio| Industrialist-Capitalist | 2,500,000| Retirement of Family Member and Personal Savings| Cheryl Calingasan| Industrialist-Capitalist | 2,500,000| Personal Savings| Myra Ramos| Industrialist-Capitalist | 2,500,000| Sale of Land| Jenilyn Torres| Industrialist-Capitalist | 2,500,000| Cash from parents and Personal Savings| FORM OF OWNERSHIPThe type of business is a partnership. It is to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the contract called articles of co-partnership. By the contract of partnership, two or more persons bind themselves to contribute money, property and industry with the intension of dividing the profits among themselves. Dynamite as partnership will be registered with the different government agencies as Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Business Permit and Licensing Office of Taguig (BPLO), Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and Social Security System (SSS).The project will have its full blast after it has complied with all the necessary documents and technical requirements needed to operate and engage in this type of business. The pre-operating capital for this business will be P2.

5 M each partners total of P10,000,000. Our business chose the functional type of organization. This is one of the most commonly used type of organizational structure which all activities in the firm are group together according to certain functions like production, marketing, service and administrative.This is the best structure that will fit to our over-all operation. This is quite complex but effective and efficient for every partners and employees of the organization since the work is divided into specialized functions. There is also a direct flow of authority but may associate or collaborate to other managers for the betterment of the business and there is also a mutual relationship between them.

The specialists must be consulted before any decision is taken no matter relating to his specialized area.The managers can totally focus on his tasks and can perform managerial activities well. This type of structure can be applicable for a long time as long as it fits in the business since it offers a greater scope for expansion as compare to line type of organization. It does not face the problem of limited capabilities of a few line of managers facilitates better control and supervision in the business firm.Despite of the disadvantages of this type which are the confusion and conflict in roles and responsibilities, it still our choice for it can supervise a large number of subordinates while in line type, it can only supervise a limited number of subordinates and this is more efficient in accomplishing task and there is teamwork and cooperation of all members of the organization.

We used it as our consideration in choosing our organizational structure is the size of our business. MANPOWER REQUIREMENTSIt is very vital in all business organization to know their manpower requirements to operate systematically and effectively at all times. It will help also to determine the capacity or capabilities of the employees to fit in the flow of business as well as to have a clear duties and responsibilities. Having standard qualifications in hiring and selecting, the employee will establish efficient business operations. JOB TITLES| JOB DESCRIPTION| JOB SPECIFICATION| Store Manager| * Responsible for the supervision of all other managers and subordinates. Responsible for the administration of all the management functions- planning, organizing, controlling and directing.

* Handles implementation of policies, rules and regulations throughout the organization. * Monitors the performance of his subordinates. * Responsible for the overall ongoing production operations including inventory control, scheduling, documentation, equipment maintenance, and quality control/food and drinks safety inspection. | * College graduate of as 4-year Management Degree and other business-related courses. At least 2 years of managerial experience and has a higher degree of academic preparation. * With pleasing personality * 24-25 years old, male or female * Highly intelligent and very good in decision making * Creative and imaginative * Hardworking and good in handling people * Good communication skills| Kitchen Steward| * Ensures the quality of products and all the food standards are met.

* Responsible for the cleanliness of all the kitchen tools and equipments. * Ensures the maximum level of performance of the machines and equipments. Minimizes the wastage of raw materials in the production. * Responsible for the safety of food and elimination of hazardous elements. | * At least high school graduate * 18-21 years old, male * With working experience in any fast food or restaurant.

* Hardworking and with high level of work discipline. * Fast in accomplishing task and can do multi-tasking. | Cashier| * Greet customers entering establishments. * Receive payment by cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits. * Issue receipts, refunds, credits, or change due to customers.

Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change. *  Maintain clean and orderly checkout areas. *  Establish or identify prices of goods, services or admission, and tabulate bills using calculators, cash registers, or optical price scanners. | * Graduate of 4-years in Accountancy and other related course * At least 1 year working experience relating in handling money. * 22-30 years old, male or female * Good communication skills * Computer literate, knowledge in accounting software is advantage. Waiter| * Write patrons’ food orders on order slips, memorize orders, or enter orders into computers for transmittal to kitchen staff.

* Take orders from patrons for food or beverages. * Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and drinks then take action to correct any problems. * Serve food and/or beverages to patrons; prepare and serve specialty dishes at tables as required. | * At least high school graduate * 18-21 years old, male * With working experience in any fast food or restaurant. * Hardworking and with high level of work discipline. Fast in accomplishing task and can do multi-tasking.

| POLICIES Discipline is the primary concern of the organization for the attainment of theproductivity and efficiency that will lead to the organizational and personal growth. All of theemployees as well as the general partners are expected to behave ethically at all times. Contracts of Employment All employees shall duly sign, execute and deliver the corresponding Contract of Employment. All employees shall there after be issued a company identification card, which must be worn at all times during working hours.Work Schedule It is the policy of the company to provide appropriate work hours without violating the mandated rest days.

As such, the company requires all employees to follow the six (6)hours working shift, including one-hour break assigned to them. Tune Keeping The Dynamite Points Of Sales system is the official time indicator. All employees are required to use the POS system to accurately record times of arrival and departure. Swipe cards will be issued to the employees on the first day of work.Swipe card will be used to register the time of arrival, break and departure on the basis for payroll. Employees should swipe out before taking their meal breaks and swipe in after taking their meal breaks.

Employees who forget to swipe in or out shall be charged as AWOL for the entire shift. Attendance and Punctuality Attendance and punctuality are important qualities that the company expects from its employees. They are the factors that determine an employee’s efficiency and reliability. His presence is necessary for the smooth flow of work at the start of the business hours.Attendance Every employee shall ask written permission from the Store Manager or Department Head, before taking the leave of absence.

a. Unscheduled Absences Employees must file an application for absence for at least one (1) week ahead to Store Manager or Department Head b. If employee incurred sickness and cannot report for work, he must call his supervisor or manager at least two (2) hours before his duty. If no calls were received on the day of his absence or his call came in late, this will be considered as AWOL.Upon return to work, he must file an absence slip with medical certificate attached for signature and approval of Store Manager or Supervisor c. Emergency Leave If employees must go on emergency leave, he must file an absence slip immediately.

Attached to the absence slip must be documents justifying his reason for going on emergency leave . An employee who is absent from work without written approval is subject to penalties. An employee who is absent without official leave for five consecutive days is considered to have abandoned his work and therefore subject to outright dismissal from the company.Voluntary Resignation In case an employee intends to resign, he/she must give a one-month prior notice to the management and must comply with all the clearance requirements; otherwise the employee shall forfeit whatever remaining compensation due to him. Termination In all cases involving a termination of an employee’s service from the company, appropriate notice of termination shall be furnished to the employee subject to clearances of all accountabilities.

As a matter of policy, terminated employees are not qualified for reinstatement. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT EmploymentIt isthe company’s policy to select applicants based on the following factors: ? Mental aptitude ?Social skills ?Physical fitness ?Strength and weaknesses ?Experience As such only applicants who passed the qualifying examinations, series of interviews, medical examinations and background investigations shall be considered for employment. Employment Requirements a. 2 pieces 2×2 pictures b. 2 pieces 1×1 pictures c.

NSO Authenticated Birth Certificated. d. NBI and Police Clearance e. SSS Number f. TIN Number g.

Drug test h. Medical examination i. Barangay Clearance j. Working Permit k.Health Card Classification of Employees: According to Rank a.

Managerial Employee –One who is vested with powers or prerogatives to lay down and execute management policies and/or hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, discharge, assign or discipline employees. b. Supervisory Employees–One, who, in the interest of the employer, effectively recommend such managerial actions if the exercise of such authorityis not merely routinary or clerical in nature but requires the use of independent judgment. c. Rank-and-file employee–all other employees not falling within any of the above definitions.

According to Status a. Contractual or Seasonal –An employee is hired for a specified period of time under an agreement prior to or at the time of employment. b. Probationary –an employee is hired on a probationary basis for a period not to exceed six (6) months. c.

An employee is hired on a regular status upon satisfactory completion of the probationary period and upon satisfaction of the criteria necessary for appointment as regular status. The company reserves the right to amend the above classification or create sub-classifications as the circumstances of the business may require.Employment Process ?Applicants will be passing an application form or resume with 2×2 colored photo to the administrative manager. ?The administrative will analyze the contents of the resume and will call the applicant for the initial examination if interpreted to be satisfactory. ?The manager will provide an initial exam which contains basic and abstract questions.

?If the applicant passed the initial exam, he will be provided a reviewer containing the menu of Dynamite as well as their corresponding descriptions. The applicant will be asked to return after three days for three final exam based on the reviewer provided. ?If the applicant passed the final exam, he will be immediately interviewed for final screening. ?After the final interview, if passed, will be given the list of requirements to be complied for a specific period of time. ?After compliance of all the requirements, the applicant will be scheduled for orientation together with the other applicants.

?After the applicants are oriented, they will be trained for one week regarding theoperations of the business applying the basic principles of the company.Orientation All newly hired employees regardless of classification of rank and status must undergo on orientation and indoctrination as to the Company’s vision, mission, policies, rules and regulations, duties and responsibilities and menu familiarization. SALARIES, WAGES AND BENEFITS All employees shall receive their respective salaries or wages as provided in their Contracts of employment every 15th and last day of the month. Cut-off for payroll computation is every 10th and 25th of the month. Overtime Pay Employees may be required to work beyond their shift or even on rest days due to work requirements.

Every effort should be made to avoid unnecessary overtime work and to keep work within reasonable limits. All overtime work should have prior written approval from the Store Manager. Every employee should file their overtime slips within the pay-period to be compensated. No overtime slip, no overtime pay. Cancelled Day-off/Holiday Pay Every employee shall be provided with a rest period of twenty-four (24) hoursafter every six (6) consecutive normal working days.

The following shall be considered regular holidays: ? New Year’s Day- January 01 ?Maundy Thursday – movable date ?Good Friday – movable date Araw ng Kagitingan – April 09 ?Labor Day – May 01 ?Independence Day – June 12 ?National Heroes Day – last Sunday of August ?Ramadan – movable date ?Bonifacio Day – November 30 ?Christmas Day – December 25 ?Rizal Day – December 30The following shall be considered special holidays: ? All Saints Day – November 01 ?Last day of the Year – December 31 Work performed on a regular holiday shall be compensated with an additional compensation equivalent to 100% of his regular salary. Work performed on an employee’s rest days or on a special holiday shall be paid an additional compensation of 30% of his regular salary. 3th Month Pay The 13th month pay of an employee which shall be equivalent to 1/12 of his basic salary earned within a calendar year shall be given not later than December 24of each year. Paternity and Maternity Leave Paternity and maternity leave benefits as provided by law shall be given to every employee entitled thereto, upon complying with all the requirements of the company and upon proper verification by the Company’s duly authorized representatives. SSS/PHIC/HDMF Benefits Benefits under SSS/PHIC/HDMF law shall be granted in accordance with applicable laws.Implementation of procedures relative to entitlement of said benefits should be done in accordance with the regulations to be promulgated by the management.

Hospitalization Plan Regular employees shall be provided with hospitalization plan with a respectable Health Maintenance Organization under terms and conditions to be solely decided by the company. Accident Insurance Regular employees are enrolled by the Company under a reputable Insurance Organization. Any accident incurred whether work-related or not shall be compensated by this Insurance firm. This plan shall be on employer-employee participating basis.Retirement Benefits Retirement pay benefits as provided by law shall be given to all qualified employees upon their retirement from the company.

Bereavement Assistance If an immediate family member of a regular employee passed away, he shall be given a financial assistance of P5000. 00 upon complying with all the requirements of the company and verification by its authorized representative. Other Incentives and Awards Awards and certificates of recognition, such as Crew of the Month, Best in Attendance, Most Punctual Employee, Model Employee of the Year and the like shall be given the discretion of management.