Feedback about nonfiction and sports

Dear Teen Ink, I really like your nonfiction articles in Teen Ink. Your touching story about Newton was informational and had some pathos in it talking about the kid losing their lives. There is one thong I would like you to change.

It is in the nonfiction part of your Teen Inks. I would change the length and the topic of the stories. I will talk about that later. Also I enjoy reading your sports section, But that could use some change to it also. Here are the changes I would suggest.

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You only have about four to six nonfiction stories, and most of them are just about random topics. Those random topic people might not want to read about. So what I would like you to do is add maybe ten to 15 stories, and stories that we know that are going on around the world. For example you could talk about things like natural disasters or thing like other tragedies. Like I said the stories are still good, but I feel like more people would want to read them if they are exciting stories or even touching sad stories.

Another thing to change is adding more popular sports like football, baseball, basketball, or hockey. At our school not everybody wants to read about running and gymnastics. I like reading the nonfiction and sports section, but if you made this change it would make it a lot better. Thank You, Robert T