Fiction Books Being Banned

Distress and frustration overpowered students in their Language Arts class on September 13th. The MASD school board sent out an email that stated, “Effective immediately we will be asking all sixth through eighth grade students to read only non-fiction material in all comm. Arts classes.”.

Appalled by this, the students in Ms. Shotles sixth block began to argue. “They are taking our books away!”, a student exclaimed. Many were confused as to why fiction books were no longer allowed, but after looking closely at the email, the answer was clear. The MASD school board stated, “We can’t exepect students to be prepared to solve real-world problems if they are only reading about futuristic societies, romance, dragons, magic, etc.”.

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However, students argue that fiction books expand creativity and historical-fiction books also have value in education, “We can still learn about history, but through the eyes of a fictional character with an interesting plot.” stated a fellow classmate. Clearly angered by this, students suggested a protest against the school board. No evidence has shown that a protest has begun, but we will see as this conflict progresses.