Five Year Career Development Plan

Ralph E. Blount II Five Year Career Development Plan University of Phoenix January 7, 2012 Eli Harden Introduction The intent of this paper is to give the reader a clear and concise idea of the path that I will be looking to take to get to my ultimate goal of attaining the title and position of Chief Operating Officer of a public transit agency.

Career Goals and Objectives My primary career goal is to make to the highest position I can within my organization then possibly work my way into a position associated with the National Transportation and Safety Board.My objectives are to continue to progress through the ranks of my organization and eventually obtain my doctorate degree by continuing my education and thus giving myself a better chance at reaching my career goals. Promotional Opportunities Within my particular organization there no promotional opportunities that I am fit for at this time since the positions that are available are not within the realm of my knowledge base. But, as time passes and I not only further my education; but, I also further my knowledge of all aspects of our transit agency then I will be able to apply for the positions that I am not currently suited for.And also as employees retire and/or separate employment form my agency then there may be openings that I would be suitable for. When these positions do become open it is generally posted on the company website (www.

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gcrta. com) or on a public transportation website that not only has recent news and discussions about the goings on within the transit industry; but, they also have listings for open positions in various agencies, www. transittalent. com. Methods for Career Management I do not see that there are any exactly defined methods in which I can manage my career goals, but I can do my best to manage my possibilities for urthering my career.

One way that I will always work on managing my career advancement is to continually educate myself about not only my industry but also about all things that hold some sort of impact on my job and on my career. As stated on www. streetdirectory. com, “Professional education should not stop when you graduate. You should always explore ways to increase your knowledge.

You should be constantly updating your skills via journals, seminars and pursuing certifications. These choices should be a part of your consistent career development effort”.I agree with this wholeheartedly, I have found that no matter how secure you think you are your job can always be just one more educated person away from being taken from you. Inventory of Skills, Abilities, Training, Education Skills I work in the power distribution, usage and maintenance of our rail transit system. In order to do this job I have been able to utilize my skills of being an electrician to get into this field and I have also been able to use these skills to learn about the power and distribution portion of rail transit.I have abilities that far exceed my current position as a Supervisor of Power division.

Abilities I have the ability to perform under pressure, maintain the workability of having over two dozen employees working for me, and juggling their personalities as well as placing them together in crews that will allow our agency the opportunity to maintain the proper level of productivity to get the work done that is required by our department.I have the ability to not only do the actual field work; but I also have the skills and abilities to manage the office aspect of the job and play the political aspect of the job and deal with the upper-management aspects of the business. Training Within my career field and being involved with public safety we are continually being retrained and attending training to teach us the current and new laws in regard to public transportation and public safety. I also attend annual continuing education classes through various agencies that are crucial to our field and crucial to staying up to date on standards, rules, nd regulations. Some of the agencies that are continually adding more to our knowledge base as transit employees are groups such as www. ntsb.

gov (National Transportation Safety Board), and www. apta. com (American Public Transportation Association). This training is required annually to ensure that we are up to date on everything that envelopes our career and industry. Education I have worked hard and diligently to obtain my Associates of Applied Science from the University of Phoenix to help me further my career and make myself more marketable within my particular field.And I am currently working on obtaining my Bachelor of Arts degree and continue working my way up to my doctorates degree.

Job Satisfaction Attributes For me the primary job satisfaction attribute that I look for is having an enjoyable work environment. An enjoyable work environment for me is defined by one that I look forward to going to and one that has like-minded coworkers that have either the same or a very similar work ethic as me. Also, I should like my supervision and we should be able to work amicably together.Action Steps The primary action step that I would take is to always ensure that I am going above and beyond and ensure that I keep my name on the tongues of those that matter in a positive way. The second step that I would take is to always stay up on the newest and best skills that pertain to my career goal and to my current position.

And finally, I will always make it known that I aspire for moving forward in my career and not just staying with mediocrity. Potential Barriers in My Career PathThe only real barriers that I can foresee are those that I set for myself. If always do my best and work as hard at attaining my goals as I know I have the potential too; then there are no barriers that I cannot overcome. Conclusion I hope that this paper gave some insight into my career path and how I intend to accomplish my career goals and eventually work into the position of Chief Operating Officer. References www.

apta. com www. ntsb. gov www. gcrta. com www.

transittalent. com www. streetdirectory. com