Gary Yourofsky main point

Gary Yourofsky is an animal rights activist and a motivational speaker who normally talks and promotes veganism. Gary’s speech is mainly about people’s relations with other animals and more powerful is his advocacy for veganism. In defense of his main idea, Gary state she golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself…” to which he says that animals do also qualify. He further says that religion does no advocate meat eating and goes further to quote the verse, “Thou shalt not kill” as being the four most important words. Gary argues that all people claim to hate slavery yet we enslave the so called domesticated animals for meat. He reckons that there is nothing like a ‘umane slaughter.

‘ He in fact says that America alone murders more than 10 billion land animals and a further 18 billion marine animals just for meat. He then shows a graphic video of what animals go through in a slaughterhouse. He says that the animals know what is going to happen to them and sarcastically asks if people will also enjoy that kind of treatment (Yourofsky, n.p.).

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On that note he introduces VEGAN who unlike vegetarians do not also consume animals, animal products nor wear animal products. He cites that meat products cause all manner of ‘modern’ disease like cancer, and heart diseases. He says, ‘Eat some cheese.’ ‘Drink some cows milk.’ ‘Strong bones, strong body.

‘ ‘Milk does a body good.’ He then gives a long list of his family relatives who have died or are suffering from different diseases as a result of the above animal products. He emphatically says that humans were not create as meat eaters but as herbivores giving an example of long intestines and the fact that an innocent young child will only consume an Apple instead of a bunny rabbit if able to access both at the same time (The ADAPTT video). My OpinionI am not a vegan and I believe that human beings can consume animal products but in controllable safe amounts and still stay healthy.

As the adage goes, too much of something is poisonous, can also be applied to animal and animal products that we consume. However, science has proven that animal products are very dangerous and can cause diseases (Malkmus, n.p.).