Gattaca Analyse

Color lighting (blue = sterile, inferior) Cataract, directed by Andrew Niccole is a film set in the not so distant future.

It follows Vincent Freeman a boy whose fate was written before he took his first breath, he was born in a world who ere your DNA is everything but unfortunately there is no gene for determination. Vincent tries to ewer tie his fate throughout the text in an attempt to achieve his dream and Journey into space.

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Throughout the FL Im Niccole uses symbolism effectively to represent DNA and inferiority and the idea that you can over come your own destiny to achieve dream. Vincent character throughout the film is constantly hiding every piece of skin or hair as he tries to hide evidence of his imperfection. This is important as he cannot achieve his dreams.

.. An drew Niccole emphasized this idea strongly throughout the film with the first example of this being shown in one of the opening scenes where an extreme close up shows hair falling to a ground.

Niccole also emphasizes the impact of this shot using dietetic sound. This is important because it shows that Vinci .NET feels as if his DNA is inferior and is ashamed of what he’s become.

He lives in a world very different t from ours where his DNA is incriminating against himself even though he hasn’t hurt anyone. Niccole is showing us through the symbol of hair that in the future we could all be predicted simply by an eyelash this is frightening considering that we are on the brink of decoding the human genome.

Niccole further explores ideas of DNA inferiority by continually showing Vincent being trapped by his genetic heritage. The director does this through the symbolic use of bars throughout the film. When Vincent and Irene are trapped in the alley way, we see a mid shot of them behind bar s. This is symbolic of Vincent and Irene being trapped by their DNA, one is an invalid with a heart defect a ND the other, ironically is a valid with a similar defect.

Another scene where we see this is in a long