Gene and Judes

As you go down River Road you see a huge forest preserve following you all the way to Gene and Judes. Gene and Judes is outside of Chicago.

Traffic can get a bit crowded by the Rosement when there are big conventions going on. As I go to Gene and Judes after finals and when I’m very hungry on the weekends. After the twenty-five minute drive you pull up to a very small building with a huge parking lot in it. The parking lot is always filled like an unopened gallon of milk. The line is always huge snaking around the place and out the door.

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When you walk in it is a rundown building. The atmosphere is very loud and crazy. Everyone is screaming his or her orders to the workers. The place is as loud as an auditorium filled with people. There are no tables at Gene and Judes.

There are only big white counters were you lean over and eat on. These counters are always filled up so you usually go to your car and eat. On nice days you can bring out folding chairs and sit out in the parking lot and enjoy the nice day and eat. The best food to order and really the only food you can order is the hotdog. This is one of the best hotdogs i’ve had in my life. You can get sport peppers, tomatoes, mustard and plenty more on your dog.

What makes this restaurant great is they cut fresh potatoes into French fries and throw them into the oil right away. Then they take these fries golden like the sun and put them directly on your dog. The food tastes great. It’s like something you have never experienced before. It’s a euphoric moment in your mouth.

You never leave with food unless it splattered on your shirt. Since Gene and Judes only offers hotdogs and fries there is no dessert menu. Even if they did offer it, there would be no room what so ever to even have a bite of any. You don’t even think of dessert once you have finished a meal at Gene and Judes.