Get Fit Stay Fit and Beyond

As the fun filled and educational week known to the upper school students as minimester has come and gone there is only next year’s adventures left to look forward to. Some enjoyed trips all over the globe while others stayed in town and delved themselves into subjects of interest. Starting on Monday, January 30th a group of 18 teenagers, including myself, lethargically met with Mrs. Sennett and Dr.

Vogele at 8:30 a.m. in the gym classroom. Our large group was devoted to the get fit stay fit minimester for the next five days; with one common goal, to learn to lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, and push our athletic abilities to the limit. As talked about in previous meetings leading up to the weeks events we all knew what we had signed up for, but the challenge would be to become as mentally prepared as we each were physically.

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On Monday we paved the way for the days that would follow by testing our body fat percentages and individual strengths and weaknesses through a variety of workouts with Primal Fit Gym. We later toured the Publix Supermarket and learned which foods are friendly and which are best to veer away from. On Tuesday our legs were put to a test as we rode mountain bikes through treacherous trails in Oleta Park. Later in the afternoon our arms would be our engines as we took a group kayaking and paddle boarding tour. On Wednesday the pro athlete within each one of us was revealed at the Bommaritto Performance Gym, after countless sprints, squats, bench presses, and box jumps we all needed a treat, leading up to one of my favorite stops at Cold Stone Ice Cream.

On Thursday morning we went to Athlete E.G.O. Crossfit for a tiring and relentless day of strength and conditioning through a new and innovative way to break a sweat. Later that day we traversed in caves at the Extreme Rock Climbing warehouse in Kendall.

Finally, on Friday, we were taught to jab, uppercut, hook, and punch while centering our bodies at South Florida Boxing followed by a group lunch at Soyka as we said our minimester farewells. Due to the variety of gyms our minimester visited it is impossible judge if it was a good or bad experience. Gyms are meant to please an individual and be tailored to his or her liking, therefore what one may have gotten out of one workout may not be the same as the point of view another person might have. I found that Athlete E.G.

O. Crossfit and South Florida Boxing were my two favorite gyms. Unsurprisingly both involved very similar work out routines and are based upon centering the core for great results in stamina, agility, and strength, three athletic attributes a volleyball player, like myself, needs to obtain to strive in the sport. In fact I enjoyed those two lessons so much I plan on revisiting them in the near future. In contrast I would say my least favorite activity was the training session at the Bommaritto Performance Gym.

I felt it was guided more towards men who play football or basketball, and I was not shocked in finding out that certain basketball players in the minimester did enjoy what that gym had to offer. After a grueling week of sore limbs and good laughs I was very happy with my choice in minimester. I made plenty of unforgettable memories with peers and teachers, and I was awakened to a new world of physical training that will forever keep me healthy. I have no regrets and I encourage any interested students for next year’s minimester to invest in this week of muscular exhaustion because it has the ability to change your life.