Healthy Food Choices

Have you ever had a beverage that tasted sweet and delicious? If you actually knew what made those drinks taste so amazing, trust me you would not be drinking so much of it.

factories don’t care if your drink is healthy, they just want to make profit. By this being stated, what about foods? If you have ever had a candy bar or something that tasted sweet,it probably the worst for you. I know what you’re saying, How could something that taste so good be so bad? Factories and companies add sugars and fattening ingredient, by doing this they are not worried about heath but very concerned about money. The body can not tolerate a large amount of refined carbohydrates. The vital organs in the body are actually damaged by this gross intake of sugars.

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Refined sugar contains no fiber, minerals, proteins, fats, enzymes, only empty calories. Your body borrows vital nutrients from healthy cells to metabolize the incomplete cells when sugars and carbohydrates are consumed. Other things are taken from your healthy cells just to help the sugar get through your body. At the same time sugar can make your blood pressure rocket as in increase. Calcium is the main thing that is taken from your body when sugar goes through. Many times so much calcium is used to neutralize the effects of the sugar, your body needs a certain amount of calcium to function.

This implies with both sugars from food and drinks. When healthy food is consumed it does not take off of your healthy cells but adds on. Healthy cells can improve a lot of organs in your body, so just by eating healthy you wouldn’t have as many health problems as when eating sugary foods. Instead of that sugary drink, water is always the way to go. Water cleanses all the toxins in your body, makes your hair grow, and keeps your body hydrated.

When sugary liquids are consumed it has the same effect as when any other sugar is consumed. Unhealthy foods can result in many health problems in the future. It takes you around 2 minutes to drink a can of coke but to burn off all that sugar that you just put in your body it takes about 45 minutes. Don’t you think it would be easier just to eat healthy so you don’t have to burn off that you just put in? This doesn’t mean you don’t have to exercise, exercise is healthy for the heart and gets your blood pressure up which means more blood is being pumped to your heart. Eating healthy and exercising is very important for your growth and everyday life. From eating unhealthy you can get some very serious medical problems.

Metabolic syndrome is very common, this happens when increased blood pressure/ cholesterol, high blood pressure, and excessive amounts of fat around the waist occurs. To avoid this exercise daily and eat healthy foods. Everybody wants to have a long life and stay healthy, you can easily do both by staying away from the candy and picking up a carrot, put down the soda and pick up some water. Especially teens should eat and drink healthy. Teens are growing and need all the proper proteins and vitamins, you cant grow on just sugar and unhealthy foods.

Now next time you pick up that candy bar just know you have a choice.