34% of students in Florida do not graduate, devastating number isn’t it. I know that can decrease extremely quickly if only credits are lowered for graduation requirements. If they are lowered think about the wonderful things we could accomplish.

If graduation credits are lowered for students it will be easier to pass, there will be more graduates, and more successful people. To begin, if credits are lowered would be a whole lot easier to pass. Many students would actually get a chance in life to do something if credits are lowered. With that the schools graduation rates will sky rocket. Next, the board of education wouldn’t mind giving the schools improvements. So many graduates means, a lot of money, meaning more improvements.

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Good looking school means caring people. Lowering graduation credit requirements could lead to many things. Lastly, if graduation credits are there will be more successful people. If the students become successful in life they donate and appreciate the school they went to. Knowing that more jobs will open and the community will be more successful. In conclusion, if credits are lowered to graduate who knows what all we can accomplish.