Homelessness in America

According to “Homelessness in America: A snapshot,” “20 out of every 10000 people in the U.S.

are homeless.” This statistic is very high for people in America. The article “I was Homeless” and the essay “Are we doing enough” by Kristin Lewis tells us what the challenges are and what society has done for the homeless. Homeless people have many difficulties to go through in life. There are many obstacles that homeless people have to go through.

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According to “I was Homeless”, homeless shelters are very hot and dirty and many kids struggle in school. These are challenges because living in a hot and dry place is a challenge to live through and struggling in school can affect you in the future. As stated in “Are we Doing Enough”, one in six people In America live in poverty and that the government is cutting programs. These are challenges because one in six is a very high number and it should be lower and cutting programs for the poor is ruining the chances for poor people to make things better. There are many challenges, but at the same time society is finding ways to help homeless people. Society helps to comfort the homeless people.

According to “I was Homeless”, society has started food and clothing drives to give to the homeless people. The schools have also started after school clubs like Bound for Success for homeless people to interact.These ways that society helps are very good because they help kids get the stuff they need and find new friends. As seen in “Are we Doing Enough”, the government has created a lot of programs for Americans in need like Medicare or free school lunches. These programs are very helpful because they help homeless people get the food, shelter, and money they need.

Society has helped in many ways for homeless people. The articles both show the struggles and ways people help the homeless. Although the shelters are very hot, dirty, and disgusting, society is thinking of new ways to help homeless people in America. I think that homelessness is a very bad thing and that the government should work harder to help those in need.