Honor Flight

Dear Vietnam Veteran, Although it may be late, I want to welcome you home. You may not have received the best response when you came back to the United States in 1973; however today, I’m here to acknowledge and cherish what you accomplished while serving. I am aware I am not capable to understand the hardships war can put on your body, mind and life; but I want you to know I, along with many others in the United States, are slowly beginning to understand all you have gone through, both during and after war, and I want to thank you. Growing up, my father explained how he wanted to join the military; however, he never ended up joining.

He used to spend days in his grandparents forest, and try to begin to comprehend the physical aspects of war, yet he was never capable of understanding. For if he were to join, it would change his, along with our family’s whole perspective of war, as it probably did for you as well. Either volunteering or being deployed into war changes your perspective on everything you may have thought to be true.So first of all, thank you for having the courage to protect our country that we can continue to love to today. Personally, when reading articles and watching documentaries about how Vietnam War veterans were treated when returning from war, it was absolutely heartbreaking and disrespectful.

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The fact that some where shunned from their families made my feel something I have never felt before. Having to hide all emotions just to try to fit into society, absolutely indescribable, and I want to sincerely apologize. I’m fully aware saying thank you for your service doesn’t nearly thank you enough; however, I do want to thank you for sacrificing for our country. Going to war affects a life and I am thankful that you had the courage to go and fight. Whatever the reason it may have been to go to war in the first place, I just want to tell you, unlike others in the past, I agree with your decision, and I want to forever thank you.