Is it the hormones? Or is there just something wrong with me? I don’t know much about this from a MAN’s point of view, but it seems to me that our emotions always get the best of us, especially in the stages of adolescence.

Come on! We all know what it feels like. For absolutely no reason at all, you screamed at your mom to stop talking to you, even though she was just asking you if you wanted a bite of her onion scallion pancake. You sauntered through the hallways in a sorrowful trance because your teacher forgot to answer your question. Even though you slept for more than 8 hours, the will to get up in the morning was killed by the weight of metaphoric world on your shoulders. It felt as if the world was slowly descending into a bottomless pit that would eventually drown and smother you to death. And then, it disappears the next day.

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Or after you eat some cake or chocolate. Or both. It’s inexplicable. Then you feel guilty for all the anger that you’ve displayed for the past few days, which prompts you to visit everyone you unnecessarily verbally abused, to apologise for the outrageous behaviour you exhibited. Or maybe that’s just me. The point is, as teenagers, we’re prone to random outburst of fury that often we don’t understand.

I however, blame the hormones. I don’t understand too much about hormones, despite having taken IBSL Psychology for ? a school year, but I try to assign a metaphor to make it clearer in my mind. Here we go: When you are in your teen years, your hormones, like rabbits, multiply LIKE CRAZY, and whenever your body feels TOO calm and tranquil, the rabbits think, “You know what? I haven’t hopped around in a LONG TIME. LET’S GO EVERYONE!” And then they jump around all over your insides, while you accidentally yell at the lunch lady who mistakenly scooped mashed potatoes in your faded green food tray. That may be a horrific way to explain the sciences of the human body, but at least it’s an easy visual to explain the way we feel. Well, how I feel.

But at least, the next time you feel a rampant rage coming on, tell those bunnies to STOP IT, and eat some carrots…because they’re good for your eyes.