How To Become a Writer

1. Write.

2. Write. 3. Write. 4.

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Always bring a notebook with you. Ideas travel in the most inconvenient places. You can’t trust them, therefore you have to outsmart one and catch them. 5. Getting an idea from a movie or a book IS NOT STEALING. Copying the direct words is, but using the idea is not.

There is absolutely no shame in that. In fact, that is where most people get their ideas from. 6. Read. You can get a lot of subtle hints from other writers you love. Try reading one of your favorite books, but look at the techniques that that author uses.

7. It’s okay to break rules. The one rule that is not okay to break, though, is that you have to learn the rules before you break them. (That and punctuation. Punctuation is completely necessary.

) 8. Love your mistakes. Embrace them. No one ever even counts as a person if they don’t make mistakes. 9.

NEVER throw out your work. It is a connection to history. Even if it is useless junk that has no point whatsoever, keep it. 10. Writer’s Block.

It is a vicious, evil thing. It comes at you with a sword, and even professional writers face that dreaded sword. The only known shield to that sword is to write pointless junk until an idea pops into your head. You could write about how bored you are, about your breakfast, and I promise, an idea will pop into your head. Now hopefully, you can take this article and go off and become the next J.K.

Rowling or the next Rick Riordon, and you can look back and remember Teen Ink. Good luck!