Human Rights Do Not Exist Do natural human rights exist? Or are they simply inventions of Enlightened philosophers? The author of this essay, Michael Boylan, makes comparisons of different philosophers and their points of view.

I believe that people have no more rights than other animals. They do, however, have freedom to do as they choose. If people are not satisfied with a government, they can try to remove and replace their government. A government derives its power from the people. Therefore, a government without the people’s support is nothing.

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Human rights are used to describe anything ranging from bare necessities such as food, to more abstract ideas such as free speech. A government is meant to fulfill the wants and needs of the people, which are classified as human rights. There isn’t a clear way to define these rights. A government defines human rights and chooses whether or not to fulfill them. The people can choose whether they are satisfied with these rights or not. I believe the central friction is when it is obvious to the people that others have a higher standard of life.

In the information age, it is hard to remain oblivious to opulent lifestyles of other people or nations. More and more people, having observed a better life, feel that they deserve it too. This causes protests, segregation, persecution, and war. Human rights are only a term used to justify conflict.