IDEO Case Study

What is the most difficult challenge it faces in conducting its research and designing its products? DIED is successful because helps other companies to be successful. I think they put a lot of efforts in research and market analyzes to get a deep and detailed idea about what consumers really want and need. They use a broad and various set of research methods like customer observation, customer interviews, prototyping and also let people participate in the design process (usability tests at each development stage).

To put the customer first is one of the key success factors nowadays to meet their needs and to be successful. By designing products which consumers really want, DIED guarantees sales.

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They also have an own research methods, for example the “human-centered research method”. By researching deeply, DIED gathers detailed, accurate and precise information about customer ‘s needs. If you know and understand what consumers want, you can design a product that exactly meets their needs and will be highly accepted by consumers. Many companies don ‘t put consumers first and don’t ask hem what they really want.

That Is why they get stuck. DIED designs “from the outside in”.

2. In the end, DIED creates great solutions for companies that then receive all the credit. Should DIED try to create more brand awareness for Itself? Why or why not? DIED should not try to create more brand awareness for Itself. Its core business Is to do market and customer research, design products for other companies and to consult them in a very specific niche. Brand awareness for the company Itself Is not needed because they are operating In a B-to-B area, not the B-to-C area.