I'm on a College Budget

I’m on a College Budget.

Five pajamas, two flip flops, and a some sweats are now the necessities. I used to spend one hundred dollars on a pair of J’s, but now I can only afford to pay for some PJ’s. I always wondered how do one begin budgeting, but now I am here living the reality. I used to have prestigious wine, and fine rice but now Ramen Noodles and Capri Suns are my only refuge from going broke. I am on a college budget not because I choose to, but the budget chooses me.

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I used to get a shapeup hairline almost every other week, but this college budget makes me want to grow some dreadlocks. I never liked writing, nor did I used to record daily activities and stories but this college budget inspires me to write a plethora of top ramen noodles narratives. I’m on a college budget and yet I do not plan to major in money management.