Innocent Killing

Japan has been killing hundreds of dolphins a year for meat and “Scientific Research”. Is dolphin slaughtering ok? That is the question a lot people should think about after they read this. How Japan is defending their traditions, what the killing methods for the dolphins, and what would be affected by the slaughtering of the dolphins. Japan officials are defending its tradition of slaughtering over three hundred dolphins a season.

The fishermen claim they are killing the dolphins for the meat to feed their family but scientific research shows there is a lot mercury in the dolphin meat. The fishermen say they don’t kill all the dolphins, they are either killed, or sold to marine parks or brought back to the sea where they are separated from their pods. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have found bottle nose dolphins out in sea that have been into the cove bloody and hungry. After centuries of doing this why is the world taking notice now? some Taiji locals say. Could it be that killing dolphins wasn’t such a big deal until now? A normal day for the Taiji locals as they make their way down to the cove and started to set up nets as the rest went off and started to herd in the pods. Soon as they got a handful of dolphins in the cut off area where they are surrounded by fishermen and spears.

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“They stab and cut the spine of the dolphin killing it slowly and painfully” says CNN. The fishermen are trying to make the old methods of killing the dolphins better; but not long after the stabbing, the water of the cove turns bright red. Could you say that its like World War II all over again as the fishermen send the dolphins to their death? What are somethings that are going to be affected if the dolphins they kill die out? The food chain will be out of balance for one thing. The Taiji marketing will die out, as Amazon has already said that it will stopped selling the dolphin meat online. Sadly some of the dolphins they catch are rare like albino dolphins baby dolphins and mothers are separated.

They say that since we kill cows for meat why can’t they kill dolphins for their meat. After reading article after article I feel sick to my stomach just thinking of the hundreds of dolphins are separated from their pods or killed for their meat that has high doses of mercury in it to feed peoples family each year. It’s not just humans that have families but dolphins too, how can people just sit around and watch these poor innocent dolphins dying when Japan is killing the whales for their meat already from the north.