what and who is intelligence? is it the perfect student? the student who gets strait a’s, the student in the front row by choice, not becuase they made a bad decision, is it the perfect attendance student? or is it the student on the very back row in the class, the one whos has his ipod listening to heavy metal music, headbanging along to the addictive beat? who knows?, it’s neither, being intelligent isnt just being the perfect student, or the worst student, but in my opinion i can almost bet that the “bad” student is most likely the more intelligent one. to me intellegince doesnt depend on where your from, how well you do in school, and how much money you have! intelligence is so much more, its about what you’ve been through, how you deal with situations, how you think, how you take in information and deal with problems.

its about looking and reading the fine details that the big picture doesnt show. its the reading between the lines. so my guess is that the bad or not perfect student is more likely to be more intelligent just becuase they have been in situations where you have to do something to learn it. intelligence isnt learing from a book, or the internet or listening to some teach lecture you all day. its about getting out in life and being in problems and situations where you have to learn to deal with things, thats what makes you intelligent. not if you make the best grades in school, and not if you speak up the most.

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take albert einstein for example, he is probable one of the greatest most intelligent man in history, but he didnt get there by being a stuck up perfect rich student, in fact albert was considered mentally impaired, he didnt learn what he knew from a book, he learned it from trial and error, from getting out there, doing something, and making a differnce. making a difference? your probably asking yourself, yes making a difference. you can be smart and intelligent without putting it to great use, a honest intelligent person shares what they know, and tries to make a difference for the world. even though i may realize this, not everyone does and not everyone is going to agree with me, but i can almost guarantee if you go ask a teacher or a proffesor which student is more intelligent, their going to say the perfect student, unless that teacher is different. comment and tell me what you think.

and whether or not you disagree