Intelligence Agencies

After failing to detect signs of terrorist activities that led to the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the US government came up with measures of preventing another attack. They created the department of Homeland Security in 2002 that comprised a total of 22 agencies.

The government also introduced an office for the director of National Intelligence whose work was to oversee all spy agencies.A substantial amount of time was spent on finding information than on analysis. Analysts failed to connect the dots; they lacked intelligence resources, and proper communication. In addition to this, data collected could not be processed fast enough to prevent an attack. The US government reorganized and introduced more Intelligence Agencies.

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They conducted appropriate, but not sufficient enough, training and education to Intelligence officers. Information Technology was improved to protect IT system-Intelligence. The government aimed at having a system that would automatically process data from various agencies. The system would be able to make connections between all Intelligence Agencies for the analysis. This, however, could not be achieved due to the different security levels of intelligence and sensitive information. The system could not bypass security measures of all Intelligence Agencies.

This move has been extremely helpful, despite its shortcomings, because in the recent past terrorists have been arrested and to crown it all, the key master mind of Al-Qaeda was killed.Going after and killing the Al Qaeda mastermind, former CIA spy, Osama Bin Laden was a brilliant move. His killing crippled the Al Qaeda network. His death shows outstanding work of the Intelligence community. In case of a counter attack, the Intelligence community has to come up with a way of sharing collected sensitive information.

There has to be a creation of a common communication system for firefighters, police, and emergency personnel to ensure disaster preparedness. The first people at the scene ought to be able to talk to one another.The key problem facing the intelligence agency is the lack of adequate communication between the various government security agencies. Therefore, there should be synchrony in government security agencies in order for them to share critical information. In addition to this, more funds should be allocated towards fighting terrorism.

This will help the security department to acquire better equipment. Also, training of more security personnel who can specialize solely on fighting terrorism can be a positive step towards enforcing national security.