Interpretive Essay: "Murder in the City" by The Avett Brothers

“Murder in the City” by The Avett Brothers is a touching song about family and life. The singer talks about moving away, moments with his parents, and what he would say to them if he were murdered.

So the main thing I interpreted is the loving relationship he has with his family. There are four parts in this song that especially give me that impression. The first verse of the song contains one of the things the singer has to say to his family. This gives me an impression of a strong caring and almost a hate for someone who would take that away. “If I get murdered in the city Don’t go revenging in my name” To me this verse shows the love his family has for him.

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If they loved him that much to even think they could avenge his death, that is pretty strong love. Later in the song, the singer talks about his father. I interpret he has a deep and meaningful relationship with his father. He shows this when he says: “A tear fell from my father’s eye I wondered what my dad would say He said, “I love you and I’m proud of you both, In so many different ways”” His father tells him how much he loves him and is proud of him, and obviously it was meaningful because his dad was crying. To me, that is shows that he and his dad had a very a good relationship.

He also addresses his mother and sister in the song. It is kind of concise, but it really tells you what he thinks about them. “Make sure my sister knows I love her Make sure my mother knows the same…

” The singer just comes right out and tells his mom and his sister that he loves them. That must mean that he had a loving relationship with them. The last verse of the song is what really wraps it up. In these lines he really portrays the loving, meaningful, and affectionate relationship with his family. “Always remember there was nothing worth sharing Like the love that let us share our name” I think in this, he is saying that the love that is in their family is the most important thing to him. That is an immaculate way of saying “I love you” to his family.

The main thing I interpreted from the song “Murder in the City” is the loving relationship the singer has with his family. He shows the strong caring of family, even to the extreme of avenging his death. He tells of his meaningful relationship with his father. His tells His mother and sister that he loves them. He wraps it up by addressing his family and telling them that his love for them is what is most important.

For me, this song is very touching song and I hope that the deep love that exists in this family is never lost in families around the world.