Introductory Paragraph to Women on Agriculture: Beginning Civilization

In10,000 BCE civilization began, Eynan, Jericho, Jarmo, Beidha, and Catal, all fall along the Cyprus River where these first settlements began. Soon after, the world witnessed something new; agriculture. Men were often placed in the position of hunting for their settlement. This allowed women to find a new way of producing food for their families. Because of animals’ migration, the women would plant food such as Einkorn, this allowed them to have a sustainable food source throughout the winter.

These efforts led to sustaining larger civilizations without the fear of famine. These women were knowledgeable about the most fertile spots allowing a reliable harvest every year. These agricultural societies became trading centers, which led to larger populations. Along with the growth of populations, grew the necessity to harvest more food, to fill this necessity women came up with innovations, such as plows, which were the basis of many other technological advances.

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