Is It a Good Idea to Study Abroad?

List of claims that may be arguable * Is global warming manmade? * Seriousness of going green * Unpredictable weather * Using natural resources wisely * Are we becoming dependent on computers? * Availability of resources online * Use of Google * E-business, e-marketing * Working at home * Does a college degree guarantee a good job? * Competitive economy due to recession * Effort necessary * Is it a good idea to study abroad? * To gain experience in different cultures * To develop independence * Good resume builder Is It a Good Idea to Study Abroad?

Thesis: Nowadays, many universities are partnering with certain programs and universities in order for students to gain international experience which can ultimately benefit them in order for them to survive in this competitive economy. * Great resume builder * Skills that stands out from fellow students * Availability of international internships * Great way of developing independence * Learn to live and survive on own in a new culture * Making adjustments to fit in the society * Challenging oneself to gain real world experience Great way to increase self-confidence * Experiencing a change * Different education system * Different language system Is It a Good Idea to Study Abroad? Nowadays, many universities are partnering up with certain programs and universities abroad in order for students to gain the international experience which can ultimately be beneficial in order to survive in this competitive economy. As an experienced student with abroad experience, students should take advantage of this great opportunity while enrolled in school, before it’s too late.

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Many students are hesitant to leave the country due to fear of being alone in a new culture.

Although it may be a challenging experience, it can benefit one academically, personally, and ultimately set a basis on the pathway to the desired career. Studying abroad experience is a great resume builder. It lets potential employers to distinguish you from other students in the challenges you have learned to overcome. While taking classes abroad, many abroad programs are now offering international internships.

This shows your ability to fit in and work in a completely new environment. It is definitely not easy to adapt to the new culture after spending about twenty years of your life in the country you grew up in.

As you learn to adjust to the new setting, you will learn to develop your self-confidence as well as independence. Studying abroad experience may be the first time you are away from home for many. By giving up benefits of familiar surroundings, you will be able to gain independence, self-confidence, and ability to overcome challenges.

You will learn to be aware of your surroundings and make yourself familiarize to customs and food the new place has to offer. You will learn to learn about yourself through exploring in another culture. For instance, when you are lost in the middle of nowhere, learning to get out of situation through the use of the new language skills acquired and familiarity of the surroundings will make you realize what you have become.

Along with self-confidence, many will learn to tolerate ambiguity.

No one is always sure of anything unless they actually experience it. Experiencing this kind of new change will help you better fit in to the real world, the life after college. Everything will be different and you will have to be independent and learn to do everything on your own in order to further get into the desired position in the specific career field. By getting a glimpse of this kind of experience will help in overcoming the challenges that will be present. By diving into the new ulture, you will be engaging in new ways of thinking and try a different way of living.

Almost every country has its own education and language system. Studying in a foreign country will allow you to engage in studies that aren’t available in your home university. Also it will allow you to develop language skills you have learned through lectures in previous years. A language isn’t learned until you actually make a good use of it. It is best learned through using the language itself through communicating with others.

Therefore, students should engage in this international study in order to gain more cosmopolitan and international perspective.

Through this challenging experience, you will be more comfortable with complex situations and be able to deal with ambiguous information with greater flexibility. . Study abroad identifies you as informed, confident, self-sufficient, and able to learn quickly and adapt to changing conditions. So, make sure you take advantage of what’s out there in the rest of the world. Who knows how this experience will contribute to what you will become?