Is Slavery Still Present?

“Abolition of slavery had been the deepest desire and the great labor of my life” ~Frederick Douglass Whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or simple texts from friends to friends, people can’t get enough of technology. The notification pops up and it is everyone’s immediate reaction to check it. The addiction has gone so far that it is considered to be a form of slavery, and we don’t even know that we are living through it again. Frederick Douglass also lived through it, and had it way worse than what we have now. Frederick Douglass’ escaping, along with other quailed slaves, wasn’t an option because of the pernicious masters, and modern slaves have the choice to escape at any time.

They may seem different, but they are both caged in. Slavery was a sad time and an awful experience for not only the slaves, but the masters also. The obdurate masters hectoring the slaves by whipping, them and listening the response of the slaves yelling and screeching. The law encaged slaves and escaping wasn’t an option. Some slaves thought, and even planned insurrection because they thought it was their only way out.

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If an African American was caught walking around and they were ownerless, they would be sold. Having the title of a slave immediately debased a person. Slave markets were like thrift stores; slaves that were used by someone, and then given up to be resold. If they had the opportunity to leave, they would immediately take it. The day where all slaves were free was a dream that all slaves had, and desiring that they would all live to see that day. Galled slaves wished for freedom every single day.

The screen illuminates and the immediate reaction are to check it. People are giving in and recreating slavery. Their slavery is pointless because most of social media is full of jargon. The addiction is so strong that people can’t escape. Going out to dinner to catch up with an old friend has now become going out with an old friend to check what everyone else is doing online. Leaving the house without their phone is not an option for some people.

No matter how hard they try, they can’t put an end to their obsession. The law trapped Frederick Douglass and other slaves, and he would never be able to leave without risking his life. Now, people who have cell phones can’t get enough and refuse to put them down. Both can’t leave the control by which they are possessed. Their addiction is staid, which makes the fight of putting an end to their addiction. If slaves attempted escaping, they would be punished.

There are some people who have panic attacks when they don’t have some form of communication with them, which is their “punishment” for being sundered from their phone with them. Both would experience a different form of pain if they tried escaping. Years separate each form of slavery, but that doesn’t stop them from being similar. Escaping from them is challenging, and could result in serious forms of pain. They may be similar, but they are still different in the fact that one had physical punishments, and the other is with technology.

Whether it is separation anxiety, or the risk of his or her own life, slavery is a permanent jail cell.