It Starts With One

Some of the most innovative, influential, and most successful people ever to live, all share a common characteristic; they had an idea, a goal, a vision. Mahatma Gandhi arguably one of the world’s most influential people to live, helped liberate India through nonviolent protest, this was his vision. Thomas Edison in response to why he had failed at perfecting the light bulb said, “I did not fail 3000 times, I discovered 3000 ways how not to create a light bulb,” this was his goal.

And for myself, I have an idea, a goal I want to pursue, and a vision cultivated by determination, which I want to help make come true; and it started with an inspiration. When I was just fourteen years old my father after having finished mowing the lawn, approached me in my room with something to say. As he walked in, the sun’s exhausting blaze was evident through the drops of sweat that raced down his face. Seated at my desk chair, I starred at my dad curious to what he had to say. With an assertive deep voice he said, “Don’t slouch your back when you sit, it’s not good for you.” I nodded my head and assured him I will sit with my back against the chair.

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My dad took a step closer to me, and while shaking his head very hesitantly, and as he pierced the air multiple times as he pointed his finger at me, he said, “I have been working my entire life son, and I would give anything in the world to have your youth.” It was at this very moment I felt as if my heart had been stabbed, and what was once a blind reality was now so clear. My father is starting to age, he has and continues to support our family through countless hours of agonizing labor, and it is almost despiteful for me to sit around and not do anything about it. Hindering the tribulations of arthritis and chronic back pain, my father’s conditions and desire to live the pain-free life that a youth enjoys are the driving forces to my organization. My organization will be recognized as ‘One Day At A Time’ and my goal is simple.

However, to fulfill this goal, my aspiration will demand a significant amount of money to be invested, perplexing approaches to create a revolutionary miracle drug, and have thousands of supporters apply their knowledge, and help publicize my goal. In the end, the result of creating the paragon of all drugs will allow one to consume a pill and though seemingly absurd now, eventually allow someone to live for an extended amount of years, vanquish any existing diseases, and ultimately allowing someone to feel as if they were young once again. My first step as the leader of the organization will be to begin the process by seeking funds and contributions from anywhere and anyone who is willing to provide. Countless number of phone calls, numerous letters, and exposing the organization via the internet, will have to be done to get the project progressing. Using my acquired knowledge in creating websites and utilizing publicity through Facebook and Twitter, I will make these sources key to starting the foundation for my organization. Once my organization has earned recognition and has the support of people who are interested in the cause, my next step will be to recruit the appropriate people into helping make this dream a reality. As mentioned, my organization is a far cry from reality and has a seemingly ridiculous proposal, but with everything in life, “the journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” And with my organization, the first step begins by recruiting a number of scientists willing to offer their time and wisdom, to help aide this cause for a new miracle drug.

I will need scientist of all expertise to assist in this mission, but before that process can be assessed, equipment and laboratories must be accessible. I will have my sister manage and document the income that will be raised through fundraisers and collected from outside sources. And for myself, I will overlook the project and see to it that all the participants and members of the organization have what they need to progress, and manage publicizing strategies. Through my protest to acquire help from different supporters and pleads for financial support, to the hours of research conducted by the scientist and tinkering with chemicals, and the organization of my leadership and my sisters accounting for resources; all contribute to what will result in allowing the elderly to live pain free and have the attributes of the youth. Nevertheless, though my organization may be belittled now, and the idea of curing diseases seems absurd, I am hopeful that someone else will have the same idea as I and expand on it. We live in a world where we are all prone to diseases, and we are all victims of the crippling poison aging has on us.

It takes great risk and great determination to follow through with an idea, but when one has a motive and a mission, their pathway to accomplishment is inevitable. To think that a revolutionary drug can exist, is overwhelming; but to think that the one of the world’s most revolutionary miracle drugs all started with one simple idea, is what’s truly astonishing.