It’s More Than Just Zeros and Ones

There is a single light in a dark room, you hear someone lurking in the back, but you have no idea. This got you very scared, so you hid under your blanket and stayed there. The dark lurker opens your laptop, and starts typing, but you can’t hear it from your room. When you wake up in the morning you realize you got hacked.

You don’t know how many times that website, computers, networks, been hacked before. Many hackers work together to find errors and actually fix it. This is their job, which they are very good at it. The 20th century is based on technology, everyone uses them. Every digital things we use mostly uses one thing, the internet.

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If we have a problem within the internet who will fix it? Most people still think of hackers as people that cover their face and hack and steal secrets, but they do not. This problem is very important since everyday people uses internet for school, work, communicating, and more. We should not think of hackers as the people who steal your money (“Are Hackers”). Hackers have a lot of responsibility and can help a lot to society. Any person could be a hacker, they just need a computer, and a very creative brain.

To hack into website is not an easy task. Multiple companies hired hackers to try to hack into their network, to strengthen it. Kyle Lovett is just a normal guy, with a laptop similar to everyone else (“Some Hackers”). Hackers don’t need fancy equipment, or the new high-tech technology (“Some Hackers”). While he was playing around and checking through people’s router, he then realized that he could steal their information. Immediately, he reported the problem to the manufacturer.

After a few days, he didn’t even get a reply from them. Then he went into multiple computers through this error and sent a message to everyone saying that this router is not safe. Finally he got noticed by the manufacturer and they fixed the problem. These people we call hackers are very important, since now we are changing into a digital world, where everyone wants the best new technology. It is true that some people can use their powers to add another zero in their bank account, or even steal someones else password, but the thing that is stopping them from doing this are other hackers. If we keep ignoring the fact that most of these hackers are helping us, then we might have no one else.

We are relying on technology more and more. Khalil Shreateh was finding ways to write on other people Facebook page without logging in their account (“Some Hackers”). Then he found out that he can write on anyone’s page, without their account. He then realized that there might be a problem, so he reported this problem, but they ignored him. So he went too Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page, and wrote on it, and finally he got attention (“Some Hackers”).

This pattern keeps going on and on, and they keep getting ignored at first. I think the problem is that we are ignoring these hackers, because we think that they are all not useful and they can’t help the society. Do you use the internet? Well the person who made it his name is Tim Berners-Lee. He was a hacker before he made the World Wide Web. Millions or even billions of people use the internet everyday, but only some of them know how it was made. We should stop calling these people as hackers, since we are relying on them to keep our information safe.

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