Journalism Club…Boring?

What do you think journalism is about? Is it boring, fun? Most students look at it as just a writing class because the name journalism has the word “Journal” but journalism is more than just writing. Our journalism clubis a very fun class, probably the best in which you’re able to socialize, and express your creativity. They have went to field trips such as Texas Southern University and KHOU 11 LIVE! We do many projects, sometimes non-stop but these projects aren’t simple; you have to be creative and learn things that that can actually help you in the future.

For example, in journalism we learn different ways to persuade people which can help you in the future for your business. Another awesome fact about journalism is if you maybe think to major in maybe in some career that has to do with you writing about a famous person or just talking or presenting yourself in public, journalism is the perfect class to take for you to be successful. Careers you can major from journalsim are news reports/anchors, traffic & weather report, producer, advertiser, and many much more! You will benefit and learn many things just from this class at the same time you will have fun and enjoy the things that you get to be able to do from the techniques you’ve learned.

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