Kao Case Study

From consumers’ perspectives and retailers’ standpoints, the Company promotes solution-proposing sales activities to identify and solve retailers’ issues in cooperation with them. Sales System for Consumer Products I Supportive Sales Activities I Consumer Communications regards it as extremely important to take consumers’ “voices” seriously, reflect such “voices” in its corporate activities to facilitate the placement and improvement of its products, and to pursue M)ski-Monsieur” even more rigorously.

To embody this concept, the Aka Consumer Communication Center functions to enable consumers to have direct contact with our company.

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Roles of the Aka Consumer Communication Center “Accurate, Quick and Kind” Responses to Inquiries Aka Consumer Communication Center receives approximately 120,000 inquiries a year (in 2005). While most of these inquiries (about 80%) are via phone, recent years have seen an increase in e-mail inquiries. Information from consumers ranges widely from feedback on our products, o inquiries about how to use our products, to comments.

The center provides “accurate, quick and kind” responses to these calls. L .

“Aka ECHO System” Supporting the Activities of the Aka Consumer Communication Center 2. Using Consumers’ Voices to Promote inform-Monsieur” 3. Providing Information and Consumer Interaction 4. History of the Aka Consumer Division I We are implementing company-wide management innovation activities that create value in an effort to achieve profitable growth.

The first ETC activity, which commenced in 1986 and was termed “Total Cost Reduction,” was an effort to directly educe costs.

We then implemented the second ETC activity, termed “Total Creative Revolution,” which reviewed our organizational operation and working procedures across-the-board so that we could display creativity. Since 2000, we have been engaged in the third ETC (VS.) activity, termed “Value Creating Revolution,” as a management innovation activity to create value. I competitive BRANDS Probably one of the greatest strength lies in its “brand Power”.

According to the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Markets brand power is determined by a power ranking survey AT consumers pollen I Nils survey takes a KICK t at 1 /u leaning brands in the Japanese market in 19 different product categories and examines factors like brand recognition, perception of the product’s quality, and feelings of loyalty to those brands. According to this survey, Kayo’s laundry in 1987, Attack had highest rating.

In addition to this, Aka had four brands that were listed in the top 20 of the “Brand power ranking”.