Kellogs Case Study

The management process is responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.

ELEMENTS OF PRODUCT Kellogg’s provide a such variety of food, their food is reliable. They are take care of providing a safe and healthy work environment. Their food is good for health as well, which is the main point what makes product valuable to us. Core of product is benefit. Whatever is makes you satisfied is core benefits.

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Cornflakes is the actual product of kellogg’s, which is exist with the colour, style, branding, fashion, quality.

Kellogg’s cornflakes is the most valuable, reliable, and a very popular product which is makes us satisfied to buy it. In order to satisfied core benefits company create a product. Driving product is depending on process marketing. E. g.

i buy cup of coffee, augment this cup with selave when it is hot. Augmented element cost money. Augment product is created with the customer care, finance, installation, service, delivery, warranties. Kellogg’s cornflakes is also provide a customer care, it is affordable by every kind of people, we can buy it from every kind of shopping center and its widely available so easy to buy.

TYPES OF PRODUCT Convection Kellogg’s is available in every shopping centre it is a breakfast so people buy it regularly and it is low priced so everyone can buy it easily. It is widely available and often high brand loyalty which is kellogg’s.

Speciality Kellogg’s corn flakes is available in all superstore so people can get it easily and in competition with other brand of product corn flakes is perfect and less frequent luxury purchases. This product has got a personal selling skills. On the pack of this product they give all the information so ustomer can get all information about needs / gather lots of information before buying. Shopping Relatively expensive with infrequent purchases. Usually occurring with customer knowledge in relation to the high market brands. In relation to kellogg’s, this product is marketed within major superstores and has a variety of high competition with other known brands, e.

g. Nestle. In this case, a high brand led would be cereals which would be aimed at certain customers for example weight watching customers. Unsought Distress purchases with little pleasure.

Marketers need to make customers aware of where they are available to create preferences. Kellogg’s have approached this by advertising and promoting different corn flakes e. g. chocolate flakes or honey coated flakes. For the selling of product of Kellogg’s we need to understand the customer behaviour.

The behaviour includes what they may buy? Why do they buy? When do they buy? And where do they buy? The modal of customer buyer behaviour includes the 4ps where market stimulation occurs. Other market stimulations include; economic, technological, political and cultural.

Consumer decision making For the consumer decision making first if all we need to know about the problem then search for the reason of that then alternative evolution then purchase evaluation so then we can get purchase decision and behaviour then we can get our post purchase evaluation. BRAND LOYALTY Brand attitude There are different types of attitude for different brands. When we see the corn flakes first of all we goe the brand kellogg’s in our mind and it makes positive image in our mind, which is a very important thing for the product.

Corn flakes is the very popular and reliable brand so people got a good image of this brand, so with the good and success image brand its create a positive brand attitude. Brand preference Why customer should buy that particular brand then the other brand it depend on the quality of brand, quantity of brand, prise of brand, dependability of brand. Kellogg’s corn flakes is the more quality brand, very old and trustable, good quantity, affordable, so with this preferences customer buy this brand more then the other brand.

Brand allegiance When customer get satisfied with the brand they will like some change with the same product then if they find it more dependable they will continue buy that brand over the long period of time. kellogg’s is the old and trustable brand.

Customers are using this brand been long time so with focus on customer needs kellogg’s providing some choices with the flavour and other product as well. E. g. coco pops, crunchy nut nutty, all bran. etc. Consumer buying decision process

First of all in buying this process ther are different stages with the decision so first step is total set when u got lots of things infront of you then you recognise awareness, then consideration set after that you’ll get some selected things to choice in the choice set then can make your decision.

Kellogg’s business strategy is clear and focused: * to grow the cereal business there are now 40 different cereals * to expand the snack business by diversifying into convenience foods * to engage in specific growth opportunities. Production

Cornflakes are produced in significant quantities at the Trafford Park factory in Manchester, which is also the largest cereal factory in the world. Cereals derived from cornflakes A former patient of the Battle Creek Sanitarium named C. W. Post started a rival company, as we all as the major other brand of corn flakes in the United States, called Post westies. Australia’s Sanitarium also manufactures their own brand of corn flakes called Skippy corn flakes.

In addition there are many generic brands of corn flakes produced by various manufacturers. ttp://www. kelloggs. co. uk/products/cornflakes/Cereal/corn_flakes. aspx Kellogg’s commitment At Kellogg’s they are committed to building great brands.

they follow shared values, principles and behaviour to provide high quality and great tasting foods in a responsible manner: * They act with integrity and show respect. * They are all accountable. * They are passionate about they business, they brands and they food. * They have the humility and hunger to learn. * They love success.

* They strive for simplicity.

Kellogg Company has a rich history of corporate social responsibility, a history that has grown and evolved to meet the complexities of today’s business world and the challenges of a global society. They founder, W. K. Kellogg, sought to “invest my money in people”.

That legacy continues to guide they company and they people. Corporate responsibility is a way of life at Kellogg. They responsibilities include: * Sustainability – Understanding, managing and minimising they impact on the environment to a sustainable future for everyone. * Communities – Investing in and enriching they communities so that they can reach their full potential. They are passionate about their business, there brands and there food.

* Market place – Behaving responsibly in the market place, selling nutritious products, advocating healthy lifestyles and acting with integrity and adhering to the highest ethical standards. * Work place – Promoting diversity in their work force and ensuring a safe, healthy workplace. They commitment to social responsibility is as strong today as it was when there company was founded. They are proud of their progress, but there is still much they can do. Diversity

They aim is that diversity in Kellogg’s is something you can feel, see and hear – it is not just a page in the annual report. Instead diversity hits you when you walk through the door.

They actively encour age individuals to be themselves and use all of their talents to contribute their best each day for the benefit of themselves, others and Kellogg’s. They desire is for a diverse and inclusive workforce regardless of; language, nationality, work-style, learning style, culture, ethnicity, job level, gender, sexual orientation, life experiences, skills, physical abilities, thinking style and marital or family status.

Environment They are committed to operating a sustainable business that increases shareowner value and ensures a better quality of life for everyone, now and for generations to come. Sustainability has always been an integral part of Kellogg’s recipe for success and it will continue to be in the years to come. Kellogg’s promotes and maintains environmentally responsible practices for the benefit of there customers, consumers, employees, and the communities in which they operate.

They conduct and grow there business in a manner that protects the environment and demonstrates good stewardship of there worldAs natural restheyces.

Kellogg’s strives for continual improvement through the development of specific programs that address the environmental cost and impact of there activities, products and services. These programs include a commitment to use resources efficiently, minimise waste, and measure environmental impact Responsible marketing Since its foundation, Kellogg’s has been committed to informing consumers of all ages about the importance of a balanced approach to diet and physical activity. Kellogg’s has in place a global marketing code and a longstanding commitment to TV advertising in a responsible manner. This means: They will not encourage over-consumption. They will not use words like ‘king-size’ or ‘super-size’ and all there promotions will depict sensible portion sizes.

* They will always present Kellogg’s breakfast cereals as part of a balanced breakfast – usually in a family context. * They will run balanced promotional calendars – featuring a good mix of fun, education and overallbeing-based activities for both adults and children. * They will not target any advertising at children under six years of age. Work / life balance Creating a work environment which allows the business to deliver consistently strong results is essential to there future.

Helping to create a good work / life balance is an essential part of this.

Some of the initiatives run by Kellogg’s include: * Flexitime, home-working, part-time working and job share. * Career breaks, parental leave, time off for dependants and maternity and paternity leave. * Personal development planning, secondments and study leave. * On site gyms, or subsidised access to local facilities, free annual lifestyle assessments in work time, a variety of physical exercise based programmes. Health and safety Employee safety is a value at Kellogg’s.

They are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment and preventing accidents. Employees are accountable for observing the safety and health rules and practices that apply to their jobs. They are expected to take precautions necessary to protect themselves and their co-workers, including immediately reporting accidents, injuries and unsafe practices or conditions. Employees also are expected to report to work free from the influence of any substance that could prevent or impair them from performing their jobs safely and effectively. Customer information processing Personality

Personality is like , if you buy a branded company car so you make personality. when people buy a kellogg’s they think about the image of kellogg’s in the market.

so when customer buy a product they buy a brand. Perception Perception works in different way,e. g. we carrying clothes how people look at us, what brand you wearing. So, as the same way its depend on brand what you using.

Perception is increases the prise of product. Learning is just not about academic learning but existing knowledge, our own knowledge. E. g. if i am going to buy break fast snack so i need to learn about product a to product b.

We learn by application not ny remembering.

Attitude from the environment and enfluence we create emotion how good or bad it like attitude. E. g. customer buying a brand to being part of group. Over a hundred years ago, the Kellogg brothers – Will Keith and John Harvey – devised a new breakfast in their quest for healthy foods. That breakfast was of course, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes .

.. The Sunshine Breakfast! Crisp, golden flakes made from the finest sun-ripened corn. Since then generations of people have been waking up to enjoy the refreshing, simple taste of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and ice cold milk. Product details