Leadership Group Case Study

A year ago Company UTC decided to integrate Its Canada Company Into Its US operations leave Canada as mainly a marketing and sales operation. This was decided in an effort to create a North America business company that will leverage resources and working capital. The change decision was initiated by the CEO and the US President, supported by the Leadership team that consisted of the Chief Supply chain officer, the UP of merchandising, the senior director of operations as well as the Canada Vice president and Merchandising and Marketing Manager Current Situation It’s been a year since the Integration started.

Change has brought many challenges to certain departments as the country that Is Integrating Its operations has different regulations in place that don’t match the current processes. Also during this change process, we have uncovered several issues that are taking extra resources and time to resolve. A bigger change has also taken place where priorities have been shifted. Work load has increased with little increase to resources and employee morale is low due to the amount of work and constantly shifting of priorities. There has been training In place however with this change a lot of processes do not exists.

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It’s up to the Integration team to create the best practices and processes for both companies.

By analyzing the Model of leading change we observe the below needs to be enforced in order to support this change 1 . Communicating the Change of Vision – This particular step was not articulated properly top down so people could not clearly understand the scope of the change and the steps needed to start moving towards the change 2. Bring people along with you – Understand the pain that critical groups are going through with this change and respond to what Is heard. 3. Generating

Short Term Wins ? A process that will help the critical groups have a sense of accomplishment and a motivation to continue to make the change 4.

Recognize and Reward Contributors – A system should be in place to reward those that are contributing to make this change happen. 5. Results Focus/Follow through – Incorporate metrics that inform the team about the progress made and make people accountable for what Is working but also for what Is falling short using the Influencer Model Is evident this change could have benefited from the Influencer model where the Results should have been first measured. Canada Integration

Details of the Change up to 2013 Canada had its own product development and operations processes, they were creating, developing and sourcing their own product. Some of the major changes that both companies have experience are the following : Major Changes for Canada: Training New processes New systems New sourcing of their products Major Changes for US to adopt: Additional workload New product requirements for this country New development requirements for this country Departments affected in Canada Departments affected in US Technical Development Merchandising Forecasting Planning Cloth development Trim development

Sourcing Manufacturing Marketing Progress to date: 2013 61% of their styles were Canadian items and 39% US styles 2014 41% of their styles were Canadian items and 59% US styles Target for 2016 to have 90% of their styles US Styles Below are the specific absolutely critical groups that leaders need to intentionally engage in the change effort and the reasons why they are so critical to successfully be leading a large-scale change effort. Leaders such as US and Canada Managements have to engaged on the below critical groups in order to make a positive change effort.

See exhibit 1.

Integration Team – Middle Management a. US Director Technical Developer – Her team take a product from conception to end b. US Merchandising operations manager – Helps trains on new systems and procedures c. US IT – needed for many programs and changes in the system between countries d. CA Operations Manager – Assist with procedures, planning, forecasting e.

Canada Merchandising and Marketing Manager – Brief new line twice a year The integration team is the front line managers that are implementing the changes, they built new processes and new way of doing things.

They are important because they start the initiation of the change. For them is crucial to know the vision and the seasons of the change so they can in return communicate this to their personnel 2. Technical Personnel a. Developers – Helps develops product from conception to set up b.

Design – creates sketches c. Marketing developer -creates packaging a. 3111 AT material coordinators – All materials Including trim Ana Attract e. Rill developers – helps coordinate and develop interim f. Cloth developers – helps coordinate and develop new Fabric g.

QUA technicians – product specs h.

Guide Sheet Coordinators – Develops Technical sketches for factory I. Canada Assistant General Manager – Assist with set up of new product for Canada Technical pullovers are those that make things happen, they are the ones inputting in the system the changes, creating new products for Canada, making sure packaging and all processes are accurate so when the new products are imported back to Canada there are no issues with compliance departments. There are vital for this change as they are the ones making the change happen. 3. Operations a.

Manufacturing and contracting – MFC product for CA in the West Hemisphere b.

Sourcing – Sourcing product for CA in the East Hemisphere c. Forecasting – Forecasting demand for CA d. Planning – Planning orders and issue POP for CA e. Purchasing – Now buying for CA Operations will now need to focus on this new business besides the US business. They will need to plan capacity in the factories for their own production, as well as forecast for the US product that CA will be taking Below are the reasons why Leaders should influence each of the group so each group can support and work toward a successful change: 1 .

Integration Team – Middle Management Leaders should have a planned quarterly or monthly meeting with middle management to discuss next steps of the change, issues they have encounter as well as new ideas to keep the change going 2.

Technical Personnel Leaders should celebrate short wins with team, communicate the progress and what is left to do in the process. Should also consider evaluating shifting or adding resources based on feedback and rewards for accomplished tasks 3. Operations is left to do in the process.

Should also consider evaluating shifting resources based on feedback and rewards for accomplished tasks Improvement name Ability: Continuous development Motivation: For Canada and US personnel during this process Assess work load of both countries and see if more resources are needed IT support with programs than can accelerate processes More support from other departments towards the Canada effort More understanding from top management on the details of the change effort and the issues the implementation process is going through.

Retrospectively there a few things that should have been done for this project to ensure success Vision of ultimate goal with a plan of action – timeline wit Depending on the country where the product is manufactured duty is applied to those products making them less profitable due to the different agreement with the country of Canada.

The items that ship direct from factory to Canada will have less fees therefore making them more profitable. It seems that the quality of technical solution for the most part is getting resolved.

There are some situations that could have been prevented if a more detail planned should have been in place. However the acceptance of the People is where UTC should focus on in order to The team will focus on the below areas to make sure we have covered most of the tool and materials attached in class For Org Chart 1 . Senior Management a.

CEO b. President US c. Chief officer supply chain 2. US Management a. UP of Merchandising b.

Senior Director of operations 3. Canada Management a. Canada Vicissitude – Oversees Canada operations .