Life Only Gives One Chance

People go from place to place hundreds of times over the course of just one week. Typically, the way they get to where they need to be is with a car, for it is a fast way of transportation and easily accessible. Every year, car companies come out with other models with new safety features because a car crash is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States. As most know through common knowledge, these crashes are caused by distracted and impaired driving, specifically texting-and-driving and being under the influence. What makes these crashes even more fatal is that many people make the decision of not wearing their seat belt to protect their vital organs and keep them in the seating position. To prevent a fatal accident, I propose that a brand new model of cars can be made to ensure that everybody in a motor vehicle has their seat belt on.

Many people die due to car crashes, and a lot of the time, it is because they were not wearing their seat belt. The reasons for the seat belt are to protect the vital organs and keep people in their seating position. If the vital organs get injured in any way, it can cause serious and permanent damage to a person. Especially with injuries to the brain, there is not much that can be done to help such a severe condition, even in a trauma center. When in big accidents, it is important that everyone in a motor vehicle stays in their seat for a multitude of reasons. People can be ejected out of their vehicles, fly through the windshield, or hit other passengers in the car.

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It is also easier for the driver to have control over the car when in his or hers seat. All of these things can be prevented with the usage of a seat belt, which is why I came up with the idea of the Balt Car. The Balt Car would include all the same safety features as other famous and commonly used car brands. Such safety features would include airbags, seat belts, telematics, traction controls, monitors, and etc. The new and improved safety feature of the Balt Car would guarantee the use of a seat belt from its passengers. The idea is that when an individual or individuals enter a vehicle, the car will not start unless every passenger is buckled up.

Inside the belt buckle would be sensors connected to the car to know if the person in the seat is buckled. I also do not believe this safety feature would be terribly expensive considering the other sensory features included with new car models. The Balt Car would help prevent thousands of fatal car crashes and major injuries. The number of deaths per year would decrease rapidly each time someone makes the smart decision to purchase the Balt Car. This safety feature saves many people from the work, guilt, and sorrow that a car crash causes.

Police officers, nurses, and doctors will not have to break such shattering news to family and friends of a patient. The people who make the idiotic decision to drink and drive or drive while being distracted will not have to live with themselves knowing they murdered somebody or caused permanent damage to another because of one mistake. Most importantly, family, friends, partners, and children will not have to live with the devastating reality that they will never be able to see their friend’s smile again or that their loved one was taken away from them so suddenly. In order to prevent fatalities and major injuries, I created a brand new model of cars that are made to assure the usage of seat belts in motor vehicles. People die every few minutes due to car crashes because many choose to not wear their seat belt. The Balt Car makes sure passengers have their seat belts on by not letting the car start unless everyone is buckled up in their seat properly.

This helps prevent the devastation and thousands of deaths as a result of car crashes. If people use their car everyday as a means of transportation, then they should want to verify their safety for them and the ones they care about.