Lincolns' Last Hours

The night of lincoln’s assassination was a tragic night it was the death of a hero ,the president. In this document I will explain the events as if I was actually there and that if I watched it with my own eyes.

The setting is at ford’s theater, April 14th, 1865. Now to save some time we will be skipping to the third act. I was just in the start into the third act in the second seating booths (4th from the left to the back) and the theater is bustling with movement as everybody was settling down, the theater was nothing but fancy, I was so excited that president Lincoln was attending the theater and I was planning on meeting him in the end. Well the theater looked like every other big theater there were three levels of seats the bottom, the middle, and the top. The decor was exquisite with the decoration of the state box. and the seats felt nice under my buttocks and there were people everywhere I went my wife and she was dressed in a white dress for the special occasion of possibly meeting president lincoln.

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So I was watching the play and the lights were dimming as they started the third act. The play was funny at this point, as I was watching the play I saw the president’s’ bodyguard leave the hallway I suggested he was using the restroom so I just turned around and started watching again a few minutes later someone brushed past me. Looking up and from my knowledge it was John W. Booth the actor. I thought he was telling the president something so I turned around and a few minutes later there was a gunshot. Everyone was screaming and some people ran to the hallway to Lincoln’s state box.

I was confused and mortified by the fact of the thought of where it came from; Lincoln being shot. Or at least that’s what I thought. I saw Doctors running to the state box.. So I followed and once I was in the state box I saw that Lincolns’ head was on Laura Keenes’ lap this would be widespread through the nation and as this was happening….

I saw that he was being tended to by the doctor’s Dr Charles Leale, and the other two doctors were: Dr. C. F. Taft and Dr. A.

F. A. King. Several minutes passed by and the doctors started to move lincoln with a makeshift stretcher. They used the stretcher to carry lincoln across the street to a hotel. Where he later died.

After lincoln passed there was a limited amount of time to go pay their last respects to lincoln I was one of those people after that the body was sent to an autopsy specify what the doctors couldn’t tell. These were the last minutes of lincolns’ moments.