Looking Back

This school year has been my freshman year and the first of my high school career. It had its ups and its downs. The sports that I have played were my favorite part by being basically year round with hardly any breaks. It can get tiring, but is always fun. Schoolwork has been the burden of me all year.

Endless hours of sleep lost because of homework assignments like essays and projects. I expected high school to be tough, but not this tough. Now, the year is almost over. There are about three to four weeks left of school. We take finals the last week and we are gone.

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Summer is here and approaching fast. Looking back on the year, I do not think there was anything that I would change. I would obviously go back and try to convince myself to study more, but other than that there would be nothing to change. Even though there were times when I wished that I could just quit school all together, the memories that I made this year were some of the best. The year went better than I could possibly hope for. However, while I am happy to be done with school, it feels like I am going to miss it.

Every year we grow up and branch away from our youth. Everyone wants to stay young. In a few years, I bet that I am going to be begging to go back to my freshman year or maybe another high school year. What I trying to say is that while we want things to be over, there is a part of us that want it to stay. We do not realize that when we are hoping for the year to be over, we are all going to miss it.

Kids do not appreciate how easy life is when they are young. Growing up is going to be the biggest wake-up call to many young students around the world.