Madonna Case Study Assignment Joseph Anyen

Madonna been so successful in the world of entertainment? This is because of her Artistic background skills, Marketing skills, Charismatic skills, Strong Interpersonal and leadership skills, hardworking and ambition and visionary and high creativity skills To elaborate more the diversity of the activities where she operates has made her successful First she was into music thus a singer and song writing. She is a good dancer.

She entered into cinematography, becoming an Actress and Producer. She later entered into Model and Design business. She also entered into the literature business and became a writer. Madonna I can say Is a Chameleon, she knows how to adapt to each new musical generation trend. She also relies on some of the best minds, strongest and famous people in the entertainment business.

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Being so present in the world of the showbiz made her highly mediate Does Madonna have a strategy?

If so, what are the main elements of that strategy? Yes It Is provocation, Flexibility, high skills of management and marketing Successful strategy: (Effective implementation of these elements) Profound understanding of the environment – Objective appraisal of resources and capabilities – Goals: Simple, consistent and long-term Where does she compete? Entertainment, movies, books Promoting herself In brands, videos, cad’s, TV appearances How does she compete? Competitive Uses sex as focal point for the media

She’s a top manager, hands-on everything Flexible Madonna – strategically success Flexibility / Transforming / Different types of music Profound understanding of the environment Wants to be the first! Marketing Strategy / Differentiation Her image, appearance (how she looks) Sex symbol? Talent in singing and dancing? Keys of Madonna’s success External environment Internal environment Resources and capabilities Single minded, focused Never give up Be limitless Collaboration KNOW what sells Evolution