Make a Change

Have you noticed that our planet is becoming overpopulated? Problems come with this.

First, our planet will be full of many criminals. Also, we will have a lot of problems with nature. The purpose of this essay is to show the negative effects of our planet if it gets overpopulated. With more people come more crimes. Because families will try to get things that they do not have, people will go to desperate measures to get what they need.

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Later on, jails will be full, and still many criminals will be out there in the world. By this, citizens will not feel protected by the government. With their situation, they will start selling drugs, and siblings or friends around them will be negatively influences. These are struggles and problems we all could face. If our world is overpopulated, the environment will suffer. Workers will start to cut down trees.

Our world would become contaminated because trees would not be here in earth with us to give us oxygen. Also, the community would not be able to do many outdoor activities because all we will have will be buildings. This will cause for people not caring about recycling, so we will live in a world rounded by trash. This will affect our “green” planet. There will be many negative effects of our overpopulated planet.

Because we will have more people in our planet, we will have move crimes and environmental problems could become imbalanced.