Making One Minute Productions

Bland, white, cold, and just plain boring. That’s a typical day in the classroom. But this wasn’t a typical day for the classroom. Today was the day that Lessnau was learning how to use the Fushigi ball that was brought in for him to try so that he could decide whether or not it was a good product.

He started to fool around with it to see if he could get it to work, and I remember people trying to get him to do certain moves with it by using “peer pressure” which he in return said “I have no peers!”, and I had the camera rolling. After I created the school famous Fushignau video, It helped me see my passion for filming and editing videos for other people’s visual pleasure, and because I really like creating something that takes time and effort and I can judge at the end of the process and see what I need to do better. I remember making the Fushignau video fairly well. Mr. Lessnau was looking for someone to bring him in a Fushigi ball to see if he could get it to work, because the unit in the class at the time was how to evaluate TV ads and he asked us to send in commercials to crappy ads for crappy products and the Fushigi ball was one of them. So someone decided to bring one into him and he spend the first couple of hours fooling around with it, and since I had the first 2 hours of the school day with him I got to witness it firsthand.

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I took out my camera and filmed him messing around with it for the first 2 hours. It took me a couple months before I decided to edit the footage and put it on Youtube and share it with him. But when I did, it got all sorts of views and people talking about it at school. All of the in school fame got me thinking about how much I liked doing things like that and how much more I wanted to do it.

So I created One Minute Productions and started creating more videos with a team of good friends that also enjoy creating videos and without them, OMP would be useless to me. We’ve created something for all of us to do and that we love to do. Last year I spent a lot of time finding my own spot in the group and trying to figure out future projects and who would be on the team, but this year I’m making it more about the team and what they can do, so they can figure out their place in OMP a little better where they see fit. Recently we spent 4 hard weeks on a sequel to one of our most viewed videos that consisted of Take Me On my a-ha and our friend Kyle running through the halls of the school. The sequel also featured Kyle running around the school, but this time with Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics and a lot of green screen effects to make is feel different from the previous video. The Sweet Dreams one got 1k views in the first 5 hours and had 3.

8k by the end of the weekend, which made it our most viewed video to date. After that video got so much attention, I knew that we were going to have to work harder now because people were going to expect it from us now. But I realize that none of this would have happened without making that first video that really opened my eyes to the possibilities. That really got me started and working on something different that makes me happy, and that makes me glad to have done it.