Mandatory School Uniforms

School uniforms have been worn by students in private schools for years. Public schools are the focus of peer pressure, violence, and poor academic standing. Rarely are private schools mentioned as an inadequate learning environment. Perhaps, this is a correlation with the attire worn by faculty and students.

Everyone has an opinion on the matter of uniforms. Some believe it is a violation of the first amendment rights, some believe safety is more important than freely expressing yourself. Gangs are very popular at this point. While not so typical in small towns like Buckhannon, WV, gangs are nothing out of the ordinary in large towns, such as Los Angeles. The ability to dress freely could be dangerous around gangs. Wearing the wrong color could mean something other than “I just woke up and threw this on.

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” Students are made fun of everyday for not having the same clothes as everyone else. Uniforms eliminate this. Everyone possesses the same wardrobe. No one is better than the other. For low-income families, there are lots of discount uniforms shops. And I’m sure other parents would be willing to help out another parent if it means they can better their school.

A student body with a professional appearance is aesthetically pleasing to the public’s eye. Jeans with chains hanging off of the pockets and belt loops, shirts with the whole back or front cut off, and long, baggy trench coats do not seem to be appropriate attire to attract positive attention from the community. In order to gain an affirmative opinion from the public, students need to dress accordingly. Uniforms draw positive attention. Uniforms are what the public wants to see walking down their streets, not students they are embarrassed to let their out-of-town visitors set eyes on.

Behavioral problems often lead to academic problems. One student failing to pay attention and participate during class distracts another student and the chain continues. Uniforms largely contribute to the decrease of misconduct; therefore, the learning environment will be enhanced by not having trouble-makers. Dressing appropriately for school will not only limit distractions, it will also prepare students for the workplace. Knowledge about how to dress early in life, will control the confusion of what to wear to their first job, first interview, or first internship. Uniforms add a lot to the school environment.

The answer to behavior, academic, as well as social problems is obvious, uniforms should be mandatory.