Instantly forgotten, and hated by her parents, the newborn child was left in the back of a car. Her bald head was covered by a pink knit hat, her face held an expression of nothingness.

The baby was filled with intelligence and already knew more than anyone. Her neglectful parents had named her Matilda. Matilda was a girl who grew up to take negative situations and turning them into positive ones, making her a special character. The girl grew as a person all on her own account. She learned to nurture her own self without the help of others. Her beautiful eyes filled with inspiration and maturity, which was not common for girls of her age.

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She would watch each day as her family left her, to go about their own lives through her hazel blue eyes. Day by day, the girl dressed herself either in boyish clothing or in girlie dresses. However, each outfit consisted of a shirley temple red ribbon in her straight brown hair. She had taught herself to read, her mind filled with the knowledge that was given to her from her books. When she ran out of books to read at home, her sophisticated little being, walked to the library.

Being in the library had a feeling of relief and joy, that would wash over her whenever she entered. Even though she was young, the librarian noticed her intelligence and helped her set up her own library card. She borrowed books like Moby Dick and Ivanhoe. Her love of books had grown ever so strong, she had created bonds with every character she had read about. Each and everyone of her story book characters replaced her family more and more each passing moment. She felt as if they could understand each other, though she was stuck in harsh reality; and they lived in their great magical worlds.

By the time she was six (and a half) her parents had already lost track of her age. Though it hurt her on the inside, she tried and put on a brave face. Showing weakness was not part of her nature. When Matilda had finally been able to convince them that she was six and a half, they were glad to send her off to school and have someone else deal with their “crazy” daughter. According to her parents, a child who had their nose stuck in books was a real life crisis. Her father believed that she should always watch tv like the rest of them.

He had even torn up a book she had gotten from the library to prove his point. Not only was she worried because it wasn’t hers, but the look of desperation and anguish covered her face as she watched; what was one of the many lives she had lived being torn in front of her very eyes. It was then when she actually showed her hatred towards her family. She was finally fed up with their negative feedback. She had taken that time to wish for the tv to break, then the tv had exploded.

It was no longer of any use to her careless family. It was the start of her great power, which was telekinesis. Matilda had taken the time to practice on controlling her power, because if she wanted to show anyone, she couldn’t. She was only able to use it when her emotions were the strongest. From the first day she gained her power, she used it for good actions. On most occasions she used it to get back at those that had done her wrong, by pulling pranks on them.

She was fiercely loyal to those who were kind to her. Her power is the reason to why she is such a special character. It’s because she was in desperate need of help, she had been bestowed this power.She was like many of the characters from her books, she was able to help and do great things, for other people. She was her own special character in her own life.

Though she had used it, only when it was really needed. Sometimes just for fun, because some people deserved it, but it was for good, more often than not. Matilda was a strong and independent girl, who was more mature than most adults; though she was not physically mature, she was mentally mature. She has her own personal library of facts stuck in her mind, and is always willing to show others. Her greatest subject would be math, for she can solve problems, no matter how big the numbers, in a split second. She is a role model children could look up to, for no matter how well she did, or what treatment she received, she always remained positive.