The Music Genome Project

Pandora recommends music to its customers based on the customer’s favorite ones they have established, which is done with data-mining tools. . The Music Genome Project is used to find songs with the same melody, rhythm, vocals, and similar components to establish a station. 3.

The like and dislike data-mining tool are used in the song recommendation, the responses are factored in to which songs are recommended. Chapter 4 Case study 1 1. Axiom should have had a better security protocol set up. 3. Military, Credit card companies, and financial institutions.

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Case Study 2 2. No. 1 . It allows a 360 degree view of the street including businesses that are around. .

It discloses personal information and your location. 3. It is a database where someone can search the full text of books, which may be dilation copyright protections. Chapter 5: It can be calculated by the loss of sales, personal time, money spent replacing files, programs, equipment, and buying or creating new security measures. 2. Title 18 of the United States Code AAA.

2 specifically states that anyone caught hacking into financial records will be prosecuted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

If someone hacks into your financial information or that of a financial institution they can face misdemeanors charges how every if the damage is more than 5000. 00 they can receive a felony. Rhea Securities and Exchange Act of 1934 allows computer hackers to be sued for fraud and deceptive practices to gain financial information. Which includes obtaining advance information concerning the purchasing or selling of securities, which can lead to unfair and uncompetitive tactics of inquiring investment stocks.

They could make sure they have the latest anti-virus software and are careful about what types of materials the download and open.

Case study 2 1 . Sonny’s Palpitation Network (USN) and Sorority music and video network. 2. The stolen information was name, address, birthday, USN passwords, login name, and possible credit card information. 3. They pay security companies to make programs and monitor the programs, they as encrypt some information so if it is stolen the hackers wouldn’t be able to read it.