Money Argumentative Essay

Since I was a baby my parents have always meet all my needs and most of the things that I wanted.

Almost everything in this world costs money in fact in order to live you need to have money so you won’t starve or go life without shelter or no clothes to keep you warm or no doctor who makes sure your in good health. My parents have always emphasized on the importance and responsibility money is and how it is not a toy, and it doesn’t just grow on trees. My mom is a pediatrician and my dad is a businessman and a lawyer, I am told that those are both very good jobs and depending on hard you work and how responsible you are is how well you will get paid. My parents are both extremely hard workers, and I hope to accomplish as much as they have in my life as they have. When I was fifteen I was offered a job by a family friend to be a hostess at a Chinese restaurant called Seaseme Inn. I of course accepted the job offer as it would be a new experience for me to learn the importance of having a job and the responsibility of money even more.

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The first day I came in for a walk through of what I would be doing it was a lot and it looked very hard at first especially because soon I knew I wouldn’t have the lady who worked there for 4 years walking me through the steps. I have to take phone call orders, and put them into the computer, I also have to ring up carryout orders and bring delivery orders to the back of the kitchen. The hard part about it all is the first week I was learning were to find all the Chinese food and were they were located there is a lot of food there! I get paid fairly well and appropriately for my age and I feel good when I get paid because I know that it is money that I worked hard for. My mom has a little composition notebook for each of us to write down the amount of money we get and tells us it’s a good idea to keep track of how much we take out and take in. I have been working at the same job now for a good 3 months and I work twice a week which I am now getting pretty good at my job and I still make some mistakes but not big ones or stupid ones. I also have a good understanding of money and how it is a great thing to have but it means putting forth hard work and great effort.