Mr. Frank vs. Mr. Van Daan

Mr. Frank was a nice, loving, caring, helpful, unselfish, and wise man. He was generous to everyone when they needed just a little extra.

He was never really rude to anyone, but overall a good human being compared to most people in this crazy world. Mr. Van Daan was not so much liked by lots of people like Mr. Frank because he had many mean characteristics. Some were that he was selfish, stubborn, he fights with his wife, he is not very friend or nice to people, he is a thief because he stole food from the kitchen that had barely enough for everyone before he stole some.

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These characters are also alike in very many ways. They both have children. Mr. Frank has Anne and Margot Frank. Mr.

Van Daan has only Peter Van Daan. These men both are married as well. Mr. Frank is married to Mrs. Frank and Mr. Van Daan is married to Mrs.

Van Daan. They are both men as you can tell by their titles, and they are both hiding from the “green police”. There are numerous differences between these two men. One example is when they are with the children. When Anne and Margot are working on their studies, Mr.

Frank gets involved and tries to help them progress in whatever it is they are having difficulties in. Mr. Van Daan does no cooperate very well with Peter. He often times does not help Peter in any ways at all. Mr. Frank feels that Peter needs help with that and started too help him as well as the two girls.

Mr. Van Daan also sneaks into the kitchen at late night and steals food; there is no record of Mr. Frank doing the same. Another example that these men are different is that Mr. Frank is very understanding and tries to help others, and puts them first before himself. Mr.

Van Daan is the exact opposite as him stealing the food so he gets more is a great example to prove that.