Mr. Shakur's Valuable Information

Who is Tupac? What was Tupac really like? Tupac was a very intelligent person. His intelligence comes from his mom and a tough childhood.

Tupac and his family moved around a lot, he was born in New York, then moved to Baltimore, then moved again to Oakland. As a child Tupac and his family was poor. In his early years his mom was in the black panther group. Then afterwards she became a drug addict, but even though she was on drugs she still taught him well. I believe that Tupac is worth studying in schools because he can teach us valuable information. The first reason i came up with to prove that Tupac is worth studying is the poetry that he has made.

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Some of his poetry is full of deep and meaningful thoughts. One of his poetries is The Rose that Grew From Concrete. In one of the lines Tupac states, “did you hear about a rose that grew from a crack in the concrete? Proving that nature’s laws is wrong…” To me this quote means someone who had it very rough growing up but still kept pushing to be successful proving the system and or government wrong. Tha is something i have learned from tupac so if i can learn something from that so can everyone else. Another way thattupac can teach us valuable information is threw the music that he has made.

Not all of the songs that he has made were bad and violent he’s made positive, good, and inspirational songs. For example, the song called Dear Mammm. In one of the verses tupac says, “a poor single mother on welfare, tell me how you did it, there’s no way i can pay you back but the plan is to show you that i understand. Tupac’s is thanking her for what she has done and shows that he understand what he has done and how much work it was to raise him. This is something that can be taught to kids, to always to appreciate and respect your mom for all she has done for you.

It is not easy to raise a child. I know that some people believe that tupac shouldn’t be taught to kids, that he is a criminal and a so called “bad guy.” because he uses the n-word.I disagree with everyone who thinks that. The n-word is not always bad where i’m from which is the same place that Tupac lived we rarely used the n-word as a bad thing. 90% of the time the n-word is used as a positive thing or just a way to communicate.

Yet, he’s made some mistakes but don’t we all make mistakes. Just because he has been to jail before does not make him a bad person. We are not perfect and neither is Tupac. He has another side of emotions, a side that’s caring, good, and sensitive. This is why i believe Tupac is worth studying in schools.

Children can learn from his poetry and musics. We can even learn from the mistakes that he has made. When we learn his mistakes we see what he had to go thru and try not to take that same path so we won’t have to go threw the same thing. Most of his life shows us that if we do make a mistake it’s not always the end of the world.